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Roda dles Saus - Flavours week

When and where19.03.2023
  • 11:00 AM-04:00 PM

The mountain huts of the La Crusc Skitour Ütia L'Tamá, Ütia Lé, Ütia Nagler, Santa Croce and Ranch da André offer traditional dishes of the Ladin culture, all dedicated to a local product.
The precious recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and are based on simple ingredients and identified by their genuine taste. Try the unique and genuine flavours of the Ladin tradition during the whole week.

Enjoy our typical food and immerse yourself in our Ladin world!

Nagler hut:
"Gnoch da soni cun ciajó de cioura y chersciöm"
Potato gnocchi with goat cheese from the Corcela farm and cress

L'Tamá hut:
"Crafuns mori cun mil de bosch dl zidlaes Milio Terza"
Typical pancake with forest honey from the beekeeper Milio Terza

Ranch da André hut:
"Jopa da golasc cun cern de cerf dl iagher Davide"
Venison goulash soup with venison from the hunter Davide

La Crusc - Santa Croce hut:
"Pappardelle de bla apratada cun ragú de cern de manz dl lüch da Ciampidel"
Burnt wheat pappardelle with beef ragout from the farm Lüch da Ciampidel

Lé hut:
"Bales fraciades cun ciajó grij dl lüch Chi Pra y salata de capüc"
Pressed grey cheese dumplings with capucci salad with grey cheese from the Chi Pra farm

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During the event photos or video footage may be taken for the purpose of documentation and promotion of the event and the region. The footage may be used and published on websites, on social networks and on media in compliance with the data protection regulations.


Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards Badia, continue on the San Linert street until you reach the La Crusc 1 chairlift.