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DoloDis - The days of geology and water

When and where09.07.2024 - 12.07.2024
  • 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
Alta Badia

Do the Dolomites take your breath away at first sight? Are you overwhelmed by their beauty? If you have the feeling that you are in front of a majestic work of art, it is due to the effect of a mixture of ancient habitats that have been in succession over millions of years... simple as that!

The Dolomites and the surrounding area are rich in geological diversity. This has created a unique landscape. The minerals and fossils in the rocks of our mountains are silent witnesses to the events that have marked the history of the Earth and, in particular, of the Alpine region. These treasures of science and beauty, which have fascinated mankind for millennia, are important for understanding the processes that led to the formation of this magnificent mountain landscape.

All this can be seen and experienced through workshops, activities, excursions, talks and guided tours of the exhibition during the Geology Week. Join in!

Detailed programme in the Alta Badia tourist offices.