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Dolomites High Routes

Experience the Dolomites mountains on fascinating long distance alpine tours


The Alte Vie delle Dolomiti, the Dolomites High Routes, are long distance alpine tours for those who want to experience even more closely the real charm of the mountain.

The daily stages wind across the Dolomites mountains, from east to west or from north to south. You will trek constantly at high altitude, from one valley to another, enjoying the super view down to the valleys.
A backpack with a few essential items, some clothes, the joy of trekking and physical fitness and you're ready for a fantastic adventure.

The 10 Dolomites High Routes have different characteristics and difficulty levels.

  • Fanes_by Luis Kostner
  • Alta Badia_hiking_by Alex Moling (32)
  • Alta Badia_hiking_by Alex Moling (20)

The Dolomites High Routes are intended as multi-day hikes with several stages of 4 to 6/7 hours of walk. Along the route you find, of course, mountain huts where you can stay for the night and where you can eat. Some of the huts are particularly well-visited, therefore it is advisable to book in advance.

The Dolomites High Routs through Alta Badia

Dolomites High Routes holiday packages

Dolomites High Routes holiday packages

The local tour operators offer special Dolomites High Routes holiday. With the hiking guides, experts in the area, exploring the Dolomites will be an unforgettable holiday highlight. Read more ...