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The Alta Badia High Route

Discover the highlands of Alta Badia hiking amidst the gorgeous Dolomite peaks


The Alta Badia High Route allows you to learn to know the highlands of Alta Badia hiking amidst the gorgeous Dolomite peaks.

The Alta Badia High Route allows you to get to know the Alta Badia tableland hiking amidst the stunning Dolomites Mountains.

The route leads through a breath-taking landscape passing the natural parks Puez - Odle and Fanes - Senes - Braies, UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as the imposing Sella Group.
The multi-day hike on a ring route, with an altitude difference of about 5000 meters, lasts from four to six days. You will hike from mountain hut to mountain hut, without descending into the valley.

For the overnight stay, choose one of the mountain huts along the route.

For climbing enthusiasts, several deviations with climbs and fixed rope routes are possible.

The hike can be made either clockwise or counter clockwise.


Stage 1: Corvara - Pisciadú hut
Walking time: 4 hours
Length: 7.9 km
Difference in altitude: 1206 m ↑ 141 m ↓
Difficulty: difficult
From Corvara follow the signs for Tru dles Cascades, path no. 28, towards Colfosco. At the Pisciadú waterfalls, follow path no. 650 to the Gardena Pass until you reach the parking at the foot of Pisciadú (2h 10). Follow footways no. 666A, and no. 666 up on a serpentine way along a steep scree slope through the Setus valley until the junction. Turn left and follow the rope secured ascent up to the rock ledge that crosses the whole Sella massif. Further to the left you reach in a few minutes the Ütia Pisciadú hut (2585 m).
Option with via ferrata: From the Pisciadú car park, take the Via Ferrata Tridentina, which leads to the Ütia Pisciadú hut (for experts only).

Stage 2: Pisciadú hut - Piz Boé - Franz Kostner hut
Walking time: 5 hours
Length: 7.7 km
Difference in altitude: 905 m ↑ 973 m ↓
Difficulty: difficult
From the Ütia Pisciadú hut take route no. 666 passing by the lovely Pisciadú Lake and climb on a secured path to the junction. Further on you will reach the Pisciadú summit (2985 m) in about 20 minutes. Turn right towards the Mesules plateau with a magnificent view over the Sella group adn on a flat path to the south you reach the Boé - Bamberger hut (2871 m) in about 2 hours. Past the hut, follow path no. 638, uphill to the Capanna Fassa hut (3151 m). You can admire a wonderful 360 ° panorama of the Dolomites and the surrounding area. The last part is downhill. Follow path no. 638 until your reach the Ütia Franz Kostner hut (2550 m).
Option with Via ferrata: From the Ütia Franz Kostner a demanding via ferrata leads to the summit of Piz da Lech (2911 m).

Stage 3: Franz Kostner hut - Campolongo Pass - Pralongiá - Valparola
Walking time: 6 - 7 hours
Length: 16,7 km
Difference in altitude: 728m ↑ 1097m ↓
Difficulty: medium / difficult
From the Ütia Franz Kostner hut (2550 m), follow path no. 638, skirting the suggestive Lech de Boé lake (2255 m), and continue on the gravel path passing the Piz Boé Alpine Lounge to the Munt Planfistí pasture. You reach the Campolongo Pass (1875 m) in approx. 2 hours. From here take path no. 3 (Tru di iagri / hunters’ path) which goes in north-east direction and crossing woods and pastures, leads to the Ütia La Marmotta hut (1920 m). Continue uphill and follow path no. 24, through mountain meadows until you reach the Alpine hotel Pralongiá (2109 m) (4h). on path no. 24, crossing the meadows of Störes, then climb up and surround the Setsas group on the north side. Continuing on path no. 24, initially downhill, then with short ups and downs along the rocky slopes of the Setsas you reach Passo Valparola (2168 m).
Option with Via ferrata: Setsas – it’s only a small deviation from the route (round trip about 1 hour) through the Pizades back.

Stage 4: Valparola hut - Piccolo Lagazuoi - Limo Pass- Lavarela hut
Walking time: 6 - 7 hours
Length: 16.1 km
Difference in altitude: 1384m ↑ 1517m ↓
Difficulty: difficult
From the Valparola pass follow path no. 20A towards north. Proceed first on a paved road up to the first bend, then following the signs, through an expanse of pines, first flat then up on serpentine pathway, go up to Forcela Salares (2252 m). Continue south following path no. 20A and after approx. one hour walk from the Forcela Salares you come to a junction. Follow path no. 20 on the left, which descends to the scenic Lech de Lagació (2182 m) lake (3h). Path no. 20B brings you up to the Forcela dl Lech (2496 m) (4h 30) – fantastic view point. You can see the whole Fanes alp. Continue slightly downhill towards Fanes and at the junction keep the right. Follow the signpost no. 11 to the Malga Gran Fanes (2110 m) (6h 20). From here, after a slight climb, you reach Lech de Limo lake, from where you then descend towards the Ücia de Fanes and Ücia Lavarela mountain huts (2042 m).

Stage 5: Lavarela hut - La Crusc / Santa Croce - La Crusc hospice - La Villa
Walking time: 6.5 - 7 hours
Length: 13.8 km
Difference in altitude: 746m ↑ 1357m ↓
Difficulty: difficult
From the Ücia Lavarella hut follow path no. 7 and climb up to the intersection with path no. 12. Continuing on path no. 7 you arrive at the Ju dla Crusc fork (2612 m) in approx. 3 hours. Descend along a challenging path, in some points equipped with ropes, crossing diagonally the imposing walls of the Sas dla Crusc, until you reach the Ütia La Crusc hut (2045 m) (4h 15). On path no. 13 you arrive at the village of La Villa (1420 m).
Variant for the less experienced: at the junction with path no. 12, near the Le Parom lake, continue on the left, following the signpost no. 12, until Forcela de Medesc (2533 m) (2h 20). From here descend to the village of La Villa along a slope covered with scree and then through woods and meadows, always following path no. 12, (5h).

Stage 6: La Villa - Gherdenacia plateau – Puez hut
Walking time: 4.5 - 5 hours
Length: 8.5 Km
Difference in altitude: 1170m ↑ 115m ↓
Difficulty: medium / difficult
From La Villa village, head west on path no. 11 to the Gardenacia hut (2051 m) (1h 50). Follow path no. 11 to the intersection. Turn left and take path no. 15 to the Forcela de Gherdenacia notch (2548 m). Cross the karst plateau of the Puez Natural Park a UNESCO World Heritage site alongside the Col dala Soné to the Ütia de Puez hut (2475 m).

Stage 7: Puez hut – Gardena Pass - Corvara
Walking time: 6 - 6.5 hours
Length: 15.6 km
Difference in height: 345m ↑ 1303m ↓
Difficulty: medium / difficult
From the Ütia de Puez hut (2475 m) follow path no. 2 following the signposts for the Gardena Pass. Crossing the Puez plateau in a south - east direction you pass the Forcela de Ciampëi (2366 m) and arrive at the Forcela de Crespëina (2528 m) (1h 45). From here, descend for a short distance and then ascend steeply up to the Forcela Cier (2469 m). After another short descent you arrive at the Ütia Jimmy hut (2222 m) and finally to the Gardena Pass (3h). Continue the journey northwards, following path no. 8, which runs halfway up the hillside to the Ütia Forceles hut. Descend the forest road towards the Ütia Edelweiss hut and continue through the sunny Stella Alpina Valley until Colfosco (5h 30). From Colfosco you return to Corvara passing by the Costa and Merscia farms on path no. 10 (50´), or along the paths no. 645 and 28 that go alongside the river (1h).

The Alta Badia High Route - Basic information

  • Length: 76 km ca.
  • Total height difference (ascent): 5.550 m
  • Total height difference (down): 5.010 m
  • Average duration: 5 - 7 days
  • Difficulty: medium (climbs and fixed rope routes, difficulty medium - difficult)
  • Recommended period: from mid June to end of September