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A sustainable valley

Every little action can make a difference for a more sustainable way of life

It takes ambitious projects to achieve big goals. In Alta Badia, businesses, institutions and tourism associations are likewise convinced of the necessity and importance to create an even more sustainable territory. Everyone is ready to contribute to this common goal, among others, by participating in significant initiatives and projects such as the Alta Badia Climate Plan.

We are far from claiming to be the ecological valley par excellence. After all, we are well aware that there is still a lot to accomplish. For this reason, we have developed a strategy that aims at a holistic sustainability in all its dimensions: ecological, cultural and socio-economic. Thus, we pay special attention to projects which promote a low-impact mobility, the reforestation of our forests, the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as the organisation of environmentally friendly events. Without ever losing track of important issues such as raising awareness among residents and visitors, preserving the authentic culture and traditions of our region, or focusing on a circular economy which promotes local products.

We are deeply committed and confident in our work as we strive to contribute to a better future, day after day. Together.


GSTC certification

Alta Badia has been taking numerous measures related to sustainability since a long time, always backed by the municipal administrations and the local stakeholders.

The fact that Alta Badia is the fourth region in Italy with a GSTC certification reflects the good cooperation between tour operators, institutions, locals and among our wide range of guests. Read more ...

The Alta Badia Climate Plan

During its first phase, the project "Alta Badia Climate Plan" aims to determine the overall impact of the territory in terms of CO2 emissions. This data, which form the basis of the initiative, enable us to assess the current situation and to develop a targeted strategy for the reduction and compensation of CO2. A challenging path, which aims at gradually reducing the environmental impact caused by our territory over the coming years, as much as possible, to zero. In this way, we want to achieve a starting point that allows us to return more to the environment than we take from it.

The concept of de-seasonalisation, which aims to redistribute tourist flows over different and/or longer periods of time in order to counteract over-tourism, is also part of an improved environmental management.

As part of a survey conducted in April and May 2022, more than 120 tour operators from various sectors were asked for precise information on consumption, travel behaviour and lifestyle in order to better determine the ecological footprint of Alta Badia. This data is processed by Etifor and forms the basis for further actions and developments.

The Ladins language and culture

The locals of Alta Badia are strongly linked to their language and millenary culture. The affinity and respect for old traditions, characterised by the surrounding environment and nature, create a sense of community and thus an important social bonding agent.

Ladin language and culture

Ladin language and culture
Ladin language and culture

The Ladin people in the Dolomite area (so named after their thousand-year-old language, the Ladin) keep their culture and traditions high and they cherish and protect the mountain nature that surrounds them.

Istitut Ladin Micurá de Rü

Istitut Ladin Micurá de Rü
Istitut Ladin Micurá de Rü

The Institute promotes and organises initiatives for the preservation and promotion of the Ladin language and culture.


Our craftsmen are qualified professionals, skilled artists and curious researchers. Inspired by the surrounding nature, they create internationally appreciated works of art in their workshops and businesses.

Agriculture and regional products

In Alta Badia, tourism and agriculture both work hand in hand to contribute to the region's sustainable development, adding value to local products and at the same time supporting the circular economy. It is a valuable interplay that allows us to preserve the beauty of this alpine landscape.

Green initiatives and events

The Alta Badia Tourism Consortium supports local artisans and producers who showcase their products and artworks not only at local markets but also at many other environmentally friendly initiatives and events..

Our partners: private and public institutions

The numerous private partners - such as lift operators, tour operators, municipalities and companies - represent an essential part of our strategy for a more sustainable Alta Badia.

The participating municipalities also take part in initiatives such as the "ComuneClima" programme, a quality management and certification system for municipalities and regions based on the European Energy Award.

Among our private partners are:

* the biomass district heating plant: since 1995, it has been providing the energy needs of numerous buildings in the village of La Villa. The company is also committed to improving the heat generation processes by using state-of-the-art technology.
* the "Lüch da Pcëi" farm: as part of its activities, the farm pays great attention to the utilisation of renewable energy sources and thus clean energy.

Our code of ethics

As supporters of an ethical and sustainable lifestyle, we are dedicated to promoting these values both on a regional level and in tourism. With this in mind, we have developed a Code of Ethics designed to guide our employees, co-workers, administration, partners, etc. in ethical and sustainable behaviour, as well as in sustainable actions and decisions.

In the Alta Badia Brand, the consortium formed by its four partners Alta Badia Tourism Cooperative, Alta Badia Lift Consortium and the organising committees of the large-scale events Ski World Cup and Maratona dles Dolomites, is committed to manage and promote the brand of Alta Badia at a local, national and international level.

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