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Ski lifts, slopes and snow report

Information about ski lifts and ski pistes in operation, as well as a snow report, from Alta Badia

We are organizing to start the winter season as soon as possible. For this we need the approval of the relevant lift protocols as well as the travel regulations between regions and states from the responsible authorities.

In Alta Badia you will have 21 access points to the ski area - among the largest in the Dolomiti Superski carousel and return slopes that lead directly to the village quickly and easily.

Snow report | Open lifts and slopes

15.02.2021 - 11.04.2021: estimated opening date of the ski season 2020 - 2021.

Current snow report

Open lifts
0 / 53
Open slopes
0 / 130 km
Hiking trails
62 / 80 km
Open cross-country slopes
40 / 40 km
1 / 2
190 cm on the mountain
140 cm in the valley
Snow condition
natural snow
Last snowfall

Dati forniti da Dolomiti Superski


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
1Col AltoDetachable gondola ropeway15.02.202111.04.202108:3016:15
2Braia FraidaDetachable chairlift15.02.202111.04.202108:4516:15
13Capanna NeraSkilift11.04.202108:4516:15
14Pralongià I Skilift11.04.202109:0016:15
15PralongiàDetachable chairlift15.02.202111.04.202108:3016:15
16Pralongià IIDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:4516:15
17Crep de MontSkilift11.04.202109:0016:15
19BoéDetachable gondola ropeway11.04.202108:3016:15
20VallonChairlift 1/211.04.202108:4516:15
21ArlaraDetachable chairlift with canopy11.04.202108:4516:15
23CostorattaDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:4516:15
29Costes da l'EgaChairlift 3/415.02.202111.04.202108:3016:15
32Pre CiablunChairlift 3/411.04.202109:0016:15
6Cherz 2Chairlift 1/205.12.202011.04.202108:4516:00
6VizzaChairlift 1/205.12.202011.04.202109:0016:30
6MasareiDetachable chairlift05.12.202011.04.202109:1016:20
6Cherz IChairlift 3/405.12.202011.04.202108:4516:00
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
1BoèMedium3300 m
1 ABoèMedium1668 m
Connection slope Boè - CostorattaMedium404 m
1VallonHard1317 m
2Connection slope Boè - Crep de MontMedium462 m
2Crep De MontEasy1400 m
4Col Alt n. 4Medium2300 m
5Col Alt n. 4Easy2071 m
4 1/2Col Alt 4 1/2Easy900 m
Connection Slope Col Alt - Braia FraidaEasy246 m
5Arlara 1Easy750 m
5APralongià I - ArlaraMedium308 m
5Braida Fraida - ArlaraEasy361 m
5 BBraia FraidaEasy839 m
6La Brancia - Pralongià IIEasy1594 m
6AArlara - Pralongià II.Easy1600 m
7Biok - Pralognia II.Easy1550 m
8Capanna Nera - Costes Da L´EgaEasy604 m
8Pralongià IIEasy1288 m
8Capanna Nera - Col AltoEasy971 m
8La Baita - Pralongià valleEasy1400 m
8 APunta Trieste - La BaitaEasy736 m
8BSeggiovia Pralongiá - Pralongiá IIEasy261 m
14La Brancia 14Easy850 m
21IncisaEasy1300 m
21BPralongià - Punta TriesteEasy469 m
22 ACostorattaMedium886 m
22Vallon - CostorattaMedium1023 m
31Pralongià IEasy811 m
31Pralongià IEasy811 m
35AbruséEasy294 m
35Connection Borest-Costes de l'egaEasy294 m
35Connection Capanna NeraEasy294 m
35Connection Crep de Munt - BoeEasy294 m
30Cherz IEasy1205 m
31Cherz IIMedium1505 m
32VizzaEasy1907 m
33Forcella IncisiaEasy2033 m
Vizza - MasareiEasy100 m
34Pista del soleEasy2280 m
21 BSeggiovia PralongiáEasy651 m
21 ASeggiovia PralongiáMedium1290 m
Last Update: 23.01.2021 20:41:38


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
34BorestDetachable gondola ropeway11.04.202108:3016:25
36SodlisiaDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:3016:30
39PlansDetachable gondola ropeway11.04.202108:3516:15
40FraraDetachable gondola ropeway11.04.202108:3516:15
45Col PradatDetachable gondola ropeway11.04.202108:3516:15
46ColfoscoDetachable gondola ropeway11.04.202108:3016:30
49Stella AlpinaDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:3516:15
50ForcellesDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:3516:15
4Val SetusChairlift 3/405.12.202011.04.202108:3016:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
36SodlisiaEasy925 m
36 AConnection Sodlisia - FaraEasy215 m
37PezzeiEasy469 m
40Frara - SodlisiaEasy485 m
40Frara 1Easy3555 m
40 AFrara - varianteEasy797 m
41Val SetusMedium595 m
41Frara - Val SetusMedium408 m
41GardenaMedium627 m
45Col PradatHard1420 m
45AVariante Col PradatEasy650 m
46Colfosco 1Medium1450 m
46Colfosco 2Easy1300 m
49Stella AlpinaEasy608 m
49 AStella Alpina varianteEasy458 m
50ForcellesMedium1305 m
Last Update: 23.01.2021 20:41:38

La Villa

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
3RobyDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:4516:15
4Pre dai CorfChairlift 1/211.04.202108:4516:15
5Piz La IlaDetachable gondola ropeway15.02.202114.04.202008:3016:15
6Bamby Detachable chairlift15.02.202111.04.202108:4516:15
54ColzChairlift 3/415.02.202111.04.202108:3016:15
55Ferata Gran RisaInclined lift15.02.202111.04.202108:4516:15
56GardenacciaDetachable chairliftOpen for training on request.05.12.202011.04.202108:3016:15Open for training on request.
57La RüaChairlift 3/411.04.202108:3016:15
58Doninz Chairlift 3/411.04.202108:3016:15
59Col d'AltinSkilift11.04.202108:3016:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
15 AConnection sloper La Brancia - no. 15Easy311 m
16ABamby 1Medium820 m
16BBamby 2Medium1350 m
17AltinMedium3200 m
17Gran RisaHard2193 m
18Pre Dai CorfEasy900 m
19RobyEasy600 m
20Braia Fraida - RobyEasy739 m
23La FrainaMedium950 m
24Connection slope BambyEasy1897 m
25Baby SocrepesEasy160 m
25ColzEasy160 m
25Connection Boè-Costes de l'EgaEasy160 m
Colz - DoninzEasy70 m
26DoninzEasy290 m
26Gardenaccia 1Easy2040 m
25Gardenaccia 2Medium920 m
27SponataMedium1810 m
Col d'Alting 1Easy250 m
Col d'Alting 2Easy250 m
Last Update: 23.01.2021 20:41:38

San Cassiano

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
7La BranciaDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:4516:15
8BiokDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:4516:15
9CiampaiDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:4516:15
11Piz SoregaDetachable gondola ropeway15.02.202111.04.202108:3016:15
22La ParaSkilift11.04.202109:0016:15
30La FrainaDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:4516:15
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
9ArmentarolaEasy950 m
9Connection Armentarola - Piz SoregaEasy1100 m
9APralongiá - San CassianoEasy2829 m
9 BConnection slope Pralongià - Piz SoregaEasy2000 m
10Biok - S. CassianoEasy2600 m
10 AConnection slope Ciampai - Piz SoregaEasy2200 m
11Piz Sorega BEasy3300 m
12Piz Sorega AMedium2109 m
13BiokEasy1300 m
15Roby - BambyEasy1214 m
28CiampaiEasy617 m
Connection slope Ciampai - La FrainaEasy200 m
29La ParaEasy550 m
Bordercross La ParaEasy588 m
30CodesEasy500 m
1Lagazuoi - ArmentarolaMedium8500 m
Last Update: 23.01.2021 20:41:38


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
60Baby La CruscSkilift11.04.202108:3016:15
61La Crusc 1Detachable chairlift with canopy11.04.202108:3016:15
62La Crusc 2Detachable gondola ropeway11.04.202108:3016:00
63PradücDetachable chairlift with canopy11.04.202108:3016:15
64SponataDetachable chairlift11.04.202108:3016:15
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
31Baby PedracesEasy450 m
31La Crusc 1Easy2450 m
31 ALa Crusc 1 varianteMedium m
31Baby Pedraces - La Crusc 1Easy450 m
31La Crusc 1 - Baby PedracesEasy100 m
32La Crusc 2Easy1300 m
Last Update: 23.01.2021 20:41:38


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
1Falzarego - LagazuoiCable carStatus:CLOSE05.12.202011.04.202109:0016:10Status:CLOSE
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos

Cross-country tracks

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For detail about the cross-country tracks in Alta Badia

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Ski tickets and prices
Ski tickets and prices

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