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Ski lifts, slopes and snow report

Information about ski lifts and ski pistes in operation, as well as a snow report, from Alta Badia

Opening dates: 05.12.2023 - 07.04.2024

The ski area Alta Badia, centrally located in the Dolomiti Superski ski carousel, offers the best conditions for first-class ski holidays from December to April.

Snowmaking report

Snowmaking report
Snowmaking report

The snowmaking report will keep you up to date about the progress of work on some of the most popular slopes in the ski resort. Read more ...

Safety first: new rules for safe skiing

Safety first - for yourself and towards other skiers.

From the 1st January 2022, the Italian legislation on safety in winter sports has introduced some obligations and regulations for a better togetherness on the slopes.



Third-party liability insurance policy
From the 1st January 2022 on, every user of the ski areas must have third-party liability insurance. The most common insurance policies of this kind, including those for families, already cover the area of "winter sports" - it is nevertheless recommended to clarify this with your own insurance company.

Those who do not have this insurance can buy it at the skipass offices or on the website even for single days, through the Dolomiti Superski partner, Snowcare.



Minors must wear a helmet
Helmets will be compulsory for all minors involved in the most common winter sports, such as downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, freestyle skiing and tobogganing.

Alcohol on the slopes

New rules regarding alcohol on the ski slopes
It will be forbidden to ski in a state of drunkenness (the limits laid down in the Highway Code will be applied, i.e. 0.5 mg of alcohol per litre of blood) or under the influence of drugs.

Ski tours: Sellaronda and Great World War tour

StatusMore InfosType
closed Sellaronda clockwise
closed Sellaronda counterclockwise
closed Grande-Guerra clockwise
closed Grande-Guerra counterclockwise

Dati forniti da Dolomiti Superski

Snow report | Open lifts and slopes

Current snow report

Open lifts
36 / 54
Open slopes
57 / 130 km
Hiking trails
0 / 80 km
Open cross-country slopes
0 / 40 km
0 / 2
05.12.2023 / 07.04.2024
40 cm on the mountain
10 cm in the valley
Last snowfall

Dati forniti da Dolomiti Superski


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
1Col AltoGondola05.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
2Braia FraidaChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
13Capanna NeraSki lift05.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
15PralongiáChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
14Pralongiá  ISki lift09:00-16:15
16Pralongiá  IIChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
17Crep de MontSki lift09:00-16:15
20VallonChairlift 205.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
23CostorattaChairlift 8 with canopy05.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
29Costes da l'EgaChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
21ArlaraChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
32Pre CiablunChairlift 409:00-16:15
27IncisaSki lift09:00-16:15
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
35AbrusèEasy294 m
5ArlaraEasy750 m
6AArlara - Pralongiá  II.Easy1600 m
7Biok - Pralognia II.Easy1550 m
1BoéMedium3300 m
Pista di collegamento Boé - CostorattaMedium404 m
2Raccordo Boé - Crep de MontMedium462 m
5 BBraia FraidaEasy839 m
5Braida Fraida - ArlaraEasy361 m
31Cherz IIMedium1505 m
30Cherz IEasy1205 m
8Capanna NeraEasy971 m
8Costes Da l'EgaEasy604 m
4 1/2Col Alt 4 1/2Easy900 m
Raccordo Col Alt - Braia FraidaEasy246 m
4Col Alt 4Medium2300 m
22 ACostorattaMedium886 m
2Crep De MontEasy1400 m
34Pista del soleEasy2280 m
33Forcella IncisiaEasy2033 m
21IncisaEasy1300 m
8La Baita - Pralongiá valleEasy1400 m
6La Brancia - Pralongiá  IIEasy1594 m
32Easy1907 m
31Pralongiá  IEasy811 m
5APralongiá  I - ArlaraMedium308 m
8Pralongiá  IIEasy1288 m
21BPralongiá  - Punta TriesteEasy469 m
21 BSeggiovia PralongiáEasy651 m
8BSeggiovia Pralongiá - Pralongiá IIEasy261 m
1VallonHard1317 m
22Boé - CampolongoMedium1023 m
Vizza - MasareiEasy100 m
14La Brancia 14Easy850 m
8 APunta Trieste - La BaitaEasy736 m
1 ABoé varianteMedium1668 m
5Col Alt 5Easy2071 m
21 ASeggiovia PralongiáMedium1290 m
21 B Seggiovia PralongiáMedium1290 m
35Collegamento Borest - Costes da l'egaEasy294 m
35Collegamento Capanna NeraEasy294 m
35Collegamento Crep de Munt - BoeEasy294 m
Connection slope Piz Arlara - Costes dal EgaEasy294 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:21

Campolongo Pass

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
24Cherz 1Chairlift 207.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:10
31Cherz 2Chairlift 222.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:10
25La VizzaChairlift 207.12.202307.04.202408:40-16:30
28MasareiChairlift 407.12.202307.04.202408:50-16:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
30Cherz 1Easy1350 m
31Cherz 2Medium1300 m
33IncisaEasy2100 m
35Variante SoleEasy310 m
34Pista del SoleEasy2950 m
32La VizzaMedium2300 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:22


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
18AbruséSki lift05.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:30
36SodlisiaChairlift 8 with canopy05.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:30
37PezzeiSki lift20.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:30
45Col PradatGondola05.12.202307.04.202408:35-16:15
50ForcellesChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:35-16:15
49Stella AlpinaChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:35-16:15
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
45Col PradatHard1420 m
46Colfosco 1Medium1450 m
46Colfosco 2Easy1300 m
36 ACollegamento Sodlisia - FaraEasy215 m
50ForcellesMedium1305 m
40FraraEasy3555 m
40Frara - SodlisiaEasy485 m
41Frara - Val SetusMedium408 m
37PezzeiEasy469 m
40 AFrara - varianteEasy797 m
36SodlisiaEasy925 m
49Stella AlpinaEasy608 m
41Val SetusMedium595 m
41GardenaMedium627 m
45AVariante Col PradatEasy650 m
49 AStella Alpina varianteEasy458 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:21

Gardena Pass

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
42Val SetusChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
Val SetusMedium600 m
Val Setus - CirEasy300 m
Val Setus - PlansMedium200 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:22

La Villa

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
5Piz La IlaGondola05.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
55Ferata Gran RisaLift05.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
4Pre dai CorfChairlift 208:45-16:15
6BambyChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
3RobyChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
57La RüaChairlift 408.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
54ColzChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
58Doninz Chairlift 402.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
56GardenacciaChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
59Col d'AltinSki lift08:30-16:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
17AltinMedium3200 m
16ABambyMedium1393 m
16BBamby 2Medium906 mOpen for ski training only
20Braia Fraida - RobyEasy739 m
Col d'Alting 1Easy250 m
Col d'Alting 2Easy250 m
25ColzEasy160 m
Colz - DoninzEasy70 m
26DoninzEasy290 m
26Gardenaccia BEasy2040 m
25Gardenaccia AMedium920 m
17Gran RisaHard2193 m
15 ARaccordo La Brancia - n.15Easy311 m
23La FrainaMedium950 m
18Pre Dai CorfEasy900 m
19RobyEasy600 m
24Pista di collegamento BambyEasy1897 m
27SponataMedium1810 m
20Braia Fraida intermedia - RobyEasy319 m
25Collegamento Boé - Costes da l'EgaEasy160 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:21

San Cassiano

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
11Piz SoregaGondola05.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
10CodesSki lift05.12.202307.04.202409:00-16:15
7La BranciaChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
8BiokChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
9CiampaiChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
22La ParaSki lift09:00-16:15
30La FrainaChairlift 605.12.202307.04.202408:45-16:15
12ArmentarolaSki lift08:30-16:15
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
1Lagazuoi - ArmentarolaMedium8500 m
9ArmentarolaEasy950 m
13BiokEasy1300 m
10Biok - SaraghesEasy2600 m
28CiampaiEasy617 m
Raccordo Ciampai - La FrainaEasy200 m
10 ARaccordo Ciampai - n. 10Easy2200 m
30CodesEasy500 m
29La ParaEasy550 m
Bordercross La ParaEasy588 m
9APralongiá - San CassianoEasy2829 m
9Collegamento Armentarola - Piz SoregaEasy1100 m
12Piz Sorega AMedium2109 m
11Piz Sorega BEasy3300 m
15Roby - BambyEasy1214 m
9 BRaccordo Piz Sorega B - ArmentarolaEasy2000 m
HorsesEasy2000 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:21


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
60Baby La CruscSki lift06.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
61La Crusc 1Chairlift 4 with canopy02.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
62La Crusc 2Gondola05.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
63PradücChairlift 4 with canopy05.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
64SponataChairlift 405.12.202307.04.202408:30-16:15
Sompunt/ Sponata - PiculinSkibus08.12.202307.04.2024
Piculin - Sompunt/ SponataSkibus08.12.202307.04.2024
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
51Baby La CruscEasy450 m
51Baby La Crusc - La Crusc 1Easy450 m
52La Crusc 1Easy2450 m
52 ALa Crusc 1 varianteMedium m
52La Crusc 1 - Baby La CruscEasy100 m
53La Crusc 2Easy1300 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:21


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
1Falzarego - LagazuoiCable car23.12.202301.04.202409:00-16:40
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
1ArmentarolaMedium7300 m
4FalzaregoEasy2183 m
Last Update: 04.12.2023 17:31:23

Data provision by Dolomiti Superski:

Cross-country tracks

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For detail about the cross-country tracks in Alta Badia

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Ski tickets and prices

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Sustainable mountain lifts
Sustainable mountain lifts

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