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Ski lifts, pistes and snow report

Information about ski lifts and ski pistes in operation, as well as a snow report, from Alta Badia

So that you are always well informed about skiing and piste conditions, you will find below a list of lifts and pistes in operation as well as an up-to-date snow report. We want you to have endless fun in the snow!

Ski tours: Sellaronda and Great World War tour

StatusMore InfosType
open Sellaronda clockwise
open Sellaronda counter-clockwise
open First World War ski Tour clockwise
open First World War ski Tour counter-clockwise

Dati forniti da Dolomiti Superski

Snow report | Open lifts and slopes

Current snow report

Open lifts
53 / 53
Open slopes
130 / 130 km
Hiking trails
80 / 80 km
Open cross-country slopes
34 / 34 km
3 / 3
25.11.2017 / 08.04.2018
Opening times
08:30 -16:15
180 cm on the mountain
70 cm in the valley
Snow condition
Last snowfall

Dati forniti da Dolomiti Superski


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
21ArlaraDetachable chairlift with canopy02.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
19BoèDetachable gondola ropeway02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
2Braia FraidaDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201808:4516:15
13Capanna NeraSkilift06.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
6Cherz 2Chairlift 1/202.12.201708.04.201808:3016:10
6Cherz IChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201808:3016:10
1Col AltoDetachable gondola ropeway 02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
29Costes da l'EgaChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
23CostorattaChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
17Crep de MontSkilift23.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
6MasareiDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201808:5016:20
15PralongiáDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
14Pralongià I Skilift23.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
16Pralongià IIDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
32Pre CiablunChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
20VallonChairlift 1/208.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
6VizzaChairlift 1/202.12.201708.04.201808:4016:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
35AbruséEasy294 m
6AArlara - Pralongià II.Easy1600 m
5Arlara 1Easy750 m
7Biok - Pralognia II.Easy1550 m
1BoèMedium3300 m
1Boè - CostorattaMedium950 m
1Boè - Crep de MontMedium1700 m
5BBraia FraidaEasy1150 m
5Braida Fraida - ArlaraEasy m
8Capanna Nera - Col AltoEasy1700 m
8Capanna Nera - Costes Da L´EgaEasy587 m
Campolongo sinistraEasy1205 m
Campolongo destraMedium1505 m
Col Alt - Braia FraidaEasy440 m
4Col Alt n. 4Medium2300 m
4 1/2Col Alt 4 1/2Easy900 m
8Costes Da L´Ega - BoèEasy587 m
8Costes Da L´Ega - Capanna NeraEasy200 m
22CostorattaMedium1300 m
2Crep De MontEasy1400 m
1Crep De Mont - BoèEasy1600 m
Forcella IncisiaEasy2033 m
21IncisaEasy1300 m
8La Baita - Pralongià valleEasy1400 m
6La Brancia - Pralongià II.Easy1450 m
14La Brancia 14Easy850 m
Malga CrepazEasy1907 m
Del soleEasy2280 m
Pralongià - IncisaEasy800 m
31Pralongià I.Easy1300 m
5APralongià I. - ArlaraMedium700 m
8Pralongià II.Easy1250 m
21BPralongià II. - Punta TriesteEasy950 m
8BPralongià - Pralongià II.Easy556 m
21ALa Marmotta - PlanacMedium2300 m
1VallonHard 1262 m
22Vallon - CostorattaMedium950 m
Vizza - MasareiEasy250 m
8 APunta Trieste - Pralongià varianteEasy2500 m
Last Update: 19.01.2018 22:19:53


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
34BorestDetachable gondola ropeway06.12.201708.04.201808:3016:25
45Col PradatDetachable gondola ropeway06.12.201708.04.201808:3516:15
46ColfoscoDetachable gondola ropeway06.12.201708.04.201808:3016:30
50ForcellesDetachable chairlift06.12.201708.04.201808:3516:15
40FraraDetachable gondola ropeway06.12.201708.04.201808:3516:15
39PlansDetachable gondola ropeway06.12.201708.04.201808:3516:15
36SodlisiaDetachable chairlift06.12.201708.04.201808:3016:30
49Stella AlpinaSkilift07.12.201708.04.201808:4516:15
4Val SetusChairlift 3/406.12.201708.04.201808:3016:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
45Col PradatHard1420 m
50Colfosco - ForcellesMedium250 m
36Colfosco - SodlisiaEasy1200 m
46Colfosco 1Medium1450 m
46Colfosco 2Easy1300 m
36ACollegamento Sodlisia - FaraEasy470 m
50Forcelles 1Medium1305 m
41FraraMedium3470 m
40Frara - 2Medium970 m
40Frara - SodlisiaEasy485 m
41Frara - Val SetusMedium450 m
40Frara 1Easy3470 m
37PezzeiEasy450 m
40APlans 1Easy770 m
36SodlisiaEasy915 m
36Sodlisia 1Easy860 m
36Sodlisia 2Easy950 m
45Stella Alpina - Col PradatEasy540 m
49Stella Alpina 1Easy694 m
41Val SetusMedium595 m
41Val Setus - PlausMedium523 m
45AVariante Col PradatEasy650 m
Last Update: 19.01.2018 22:19:53

La Villa

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
6Bamby Detachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
59Col d'AltinSkilift21.12.201708.04.201808:3016:30
54ColzChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
58Doninz Chairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
55Ferata Gran RisaInclined lift02.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
56GardenacciaDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
57La RüaChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
5Piz La IlaDetachable gondola ropeway02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
4Pre dai CorfChairlift 1/206.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
3RobyChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
17AltinMedium3200 m
16ABamby 1Medium1350 m
16BBamby 2Medium820 m
20Braia Fraida - RobyEasy550 m
Col d`Alting 1Easy250 m
Col d`Alting 2Easy250 m
25ColzEasy160 m
Colz - DoninzEasy70 m
26DoninzEasy400 m
25Gardenaccia 1Easy1900 m
26Gardenaccia 2Medium1400 m
17Gran RisaHard2300 m
15La Brancia 15Easy750 m
23La FrainaMedium950 m
18Pre Dai CorfEasy900 m
19RobyEasy600 m
24Skiweg BambyEasy1900 m
27SponataMedium2200 m
Last Update: 19.01.2018 22:19:53

San Cassiano

StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
8BiokDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
9CiampaiDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
7La BranciaChairlift 3/402.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
30La FrainaDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
22La ParaSkilift07.12.201708.04.201809:0016:15
11Piz SoregaDetachable gondola ropeway02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
9ArmentarolaEasy950 m
9Armentarola - Piz SoregaEasy1100 m
13BiokEasy1300 m
10Biok - S. CassianoEasy2600 m
14Braia Fraida - La ParaEasy750 m
28CiampaiEasy800 m
Ciampai - La FrainaEasy200 m
10 ACiampai - Piz SoregaEasy2200 m
30CodesEasy500 m
29La Para 2Easy790 m
29La ParaEasy550 m
Lagazuoi - ArmentarolaMedium8500 m
9AMasarei - Piz SoregaEasy2600 m
12Piz Sorega AMedium2100 m
11Piz Sorega BEasy3300 m
9 BPralongià - Piz SoregaEasy2000 m
15Roby - BambyEasy1200 m
Last Update: 19.01.2018 22:19:53


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
60Baby PedracesSkilift02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
62La CruscChairlift 1/202.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
63PradücDetachable chairlift with canopy02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
61Santa CroceDetachable chairlift with canopy25.11.201708.04.201808:3016:15
64SponataDetachable chairlift02.12.201708.04.201808:3016:15
0Piculin-Sponata/SompuntSkibus 08.12.201708.04.2018
0Sompunt/Sponata-PiculinSkibus 08.12.201708.04.2018
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos
31Baby PedracesEasy450 m
31Baby Pedraces - Santa CroceMedium450 m
32La CruscEasy1300 m
31Santa CroceMedium2950 m
31Santa Croce - Baby PedracesMedium700 m
Last Update: 19.01.2018 22:19:53


StatusTypeNr.NameSeasonTimesMore Infos
1Falzarego - LagazuoiCable car22.12.201708.04.201809:0016:30
StatusTypeNr.NameLenghtMore Infos

Cross-country tracks

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