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Dolomites High Route n. 1

From Braies lake in South Tyrol to Belluno in Veneto


The Dolomites High Route n. 1 (Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 1), the oldest of the 10 signposted High Routes through the Dolomites, is known as the classic among the Dolomites High Routes. The Alta Via leads from the Braies lake in the Dolomites of South Tyrol to Belluno in Veneto following the eastern mountain groups. During the multi-day tour with a height profile of 1500-2800 meters, you will enjoy a unique view of some of the most impressive peaks of the Dolomites such as Monte Santa Croce, Tofane, Marmolada, Civetta and Monte Pelmo.

The tour is technically relatively simple, but you should be sure-footed and bring sufficient condition for the average difference in height is 600 - 900 m (with several hours of ascents) a day with walking times up to 6 hours and more.

The Dolomites High Route n. 1 - Basic information

  • Length: 130 km ca.
  • Total height difference (ascent): 8,000 m
  • Total height difference (down): 10,170 m
  • Average duration: 10 - 12 days
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended period: from mid June to end of September

Proposed stages


Day From - To Walking time Description
1 Braies lake - Biella/Seekofel refuge 3,5 h From the Braies lake we first climb a gentle slope which than gets suddenly steeper toward the gully called Buco del Giavo/ Nabige Loch until fork forcella Croda del Becco/Seekofel, from where we descend to the Biella refuge.
2 Biella refuge - Fanes refuge 4 ,5 - 5 h Easy step on plateaus and dirt roads. From the Biella refuge we descend to the Senes refuge and Pederu to climb again until the Fanes alp and the Fanes refuge.
3 Fanes refuge - Lagazuoi refuge 5 h Climb to Lake Limo and easy walk on a slight slope through the green plain of Fanes Grande to the fork Lake. We continue on a steep scree until the Lagzuoi lake (Lech de Lagació) and proceed until the Lagazuoi refuge to stay for the night.
4 Lagazuoi refuge - Cinque Torri refuge 5 h From the Lagazuoi refuge we descend to passo Falzarego and continue with a comfortable hike through meadows until a scree until the Averau fork and after having turned around the mountain we go down to the Cinque Torri refuge.
5 Cinque Torri refuge - Croda da Lago refuge 3 h An easy and pleasant stage along the panoramic Val del Boite.
6 Croda da Lago refuge - Passo Staulanza refuge 3,5 h Stage along meadows, screes and saddles.
7 Passo Staulanza refuge - Tissi refuge 4 - 4,5 h We start with a light ascent to the Forcella Alleghe fork and continue with a more challenging climb up to Mount Coldai and the refuge with the same name. From here, on a scree, we climb to the Forcella Col Negro fork to take a not too tiring descent into the valley of Civetta and up again to the Tissi refuge.
8 Tissi refuge - Carestiato refuge 5,5 - 6 h The stage begins with a long but easy walk at the foot of Mount Civetta. We continue on a serpentine descent, to the Vazzoler refuge, where one can visit the botanical garden. The excursion continues on through the woods and on scree slopes at the foot of Mount Moiazza. After a short part with fixed ropes – until the Col dell 'Orso fork we continue again through lawns up to the Forcella del Camp fork. After a short stretch of gravel we arrive at the Carestiato refuge.
9 Carestiato refuge - Sommariva Pramperét refuge 5 - 6 h From the Carestiato refuge we walk until Passo Duran to continue along the pass road heading south. Then we follow the path on the left up through the woods and to the Moschesin fork - the trail is exposed but well marked. From here we cross the northern slope with meadows and pine forests to the Sommariva al Pramperét refuge.
10 Sommariva Pramperét refuge - Pian de Fontana refuge 3 - 3,5 h From the hut Sommariva Pramperét refuge we cross east the Pra de la Vedova and take the first path on the left going up the bumps between the mountain pines up to the pasture of Piazedèl . Climbing always uphill on gravel, valleys and snowfields we reach the Forcella dei Van de Città fork. From the saddle, we go down passing pastures, slabs and green valleys to the Pian de Fontana refuge.
11 Pian de Fontana refuge - 7° Alpini refuge 7 - 8 h This stage is quite challenging and we have also to climb a “via ferrata”, the via ferrata "Marmol". The via ferrata, rated as moderately difficult, is quite long. A good physical condition, and some practice in climbing (up to level II) are therefore needed. The route is not recommended if you suffer from vertigo.
12 7° Alpini refuge - Belluno 4 - 4,5 The last stage is an easy one. We start first with a descent along the Ardo stream - pretty steep at the beginning and gradually more and more sweet. The excursion ends with a walk through picturesque, small villages until Belluno.