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The Guardians of the Mountain: Custodians of a precious responsibility

When we talk about sustainability, we use Ladin terms such as 'Amur' (love), 'Teritore' (land), 'Insegnamënt' (education), 'Respet' (respect) and 'Ambiënt' (environment). These words do not need translation, but rather concrete, even if small actions.

It is from this deep sense of responsibility that ATIRA was born: a series of meetings and hikes that take place every Monday in our mountains to raise awareness among locals and visitors about issues crucial to sustainable territorial development and important for the community.


With ATIRA you become the guardian of the Dolomites: accompanied by our experts, you will not only learn fascinating facts about the mountains, but also how you can actively contribute to protecting our area.

It's an opportunity to connect with nature, the Dolomite nature, which is everyone's heritage and thus requires everyone's respect.

Experience ATIRA up close

Roland - Forest ranger and nature enthusiast

01.07 | 29.07 | 26.08 | 23.09.2024

The bark beetle, a tree-eating insect

The bark beetle, a tree-eating insect

Face to face with Roland, an expert forest guide. We are in the 'Bosch de Ciaulunch', near the Campolongo pass. Walking through the forest with Roland, guests have the chance to witness the storm's impact on the forests and learn how the proliferation of the bark beetle is affecting the woodland ecosystem, finding ideal conditions for development within the habitat of the fallen trees. Read more ...

Andrea - Mycologist and hiking guide

24.06 | 22.07 | 12.08 | 16.09.2024

The Forest from the Mushroom's Perspective

The Forest from the Mushroom's Perspective

We are in the woods of La Val, places that transform with the changing seasons, harboring a diversity of fungi that extends beyond the well-known porcini and chanterelles. With Andrea, the journey becomes a sensory and cognitive adventure where each encountered mushroom serves as a pretext for stories of ecology, biology, and chemistry. Thus, learning transforms into an art: the art of identifying, collecting, and respecting mushrooms and of discovering the wonders of the fungal kingdom, thanks to their extraordinary medicinal properties that often have anticipated new frontiers in pharmaceutical research. Read more ...

Alessia - Hiking guide and ambassador of Alta Badia

17.06 | 15.07 | 19.08 | 09.09.2024

Responsible Excursions

Responsible Excursions

An educational stroll that's simply irresistible. Because with Alessia, a hiking guide and ambassador of Alta Badia, the conversation turns to trash, to understand how certain behaviors can be truly harmful to the Alpine environment. Walking along the most frequented paths of Alta Badia, Alessia encourages collecting the waste left by the careless, all the while sharing curious anecdotes, prompting reflection and awareness. Read more ...

Gottfried - Experienced and hardworking farmer

08.07 | 05.08 | 02.09 | 30.09.2024

Guardians of the Mountain Meadows

Guardians of the Mountain Meadows

We are in the Murin area (which means 'mill' in Ladin) in Badia, named as such because it is located along the "Gran Ega" river (meaning 'great water' in Ladin, referring to the Gadera River). In the company of Gottfried, an experienced farmer who is a guardian of Ladin agricultural tradition, you walk through the meadows he tends to. And it is from here that a truly exhilarating and important experience begins. Read more ...