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Respect the mountains

The project to raise awareness for respect for the environment


"Respect the mountains" is a pilot project sponsored by the Provincial Department for Nature, Landscape and Spatial Development, IDM South Tyrol and the Provincial Agency for the Environment and Climate Protection, with the support of the Ökoinstitut Südtirol - South Tyrol.

It is an ambitious but feasible project: to sensitise the inhabitants of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the managers of tourist facilities and visitors to adopt behaviour that respects nature and the environment.

It is based on two fundamental aspects: drinking water, a precious commodity, and waste management.

Water, a precious good


In Alta Badia, as in the whole of South Tyrol, tap water is of excellent quality! However, not everyone knows this and prefers to use bottled water.

The “respect the mountains” project aims to raise awareness among operators, tourists and locals alike, leading them to consume tap water but with care and respect.

For visitors and locals there are numerous refilling points, both in the villages and along the walks, where they can fill their own water bottles with fresh water.

Waste management in the mountains


How best to manage waste? Simple: by not creating it at all. And if I have waste, not by leaving it in the wild but by taking it home and disposing of it properly. The "Respect the mountains" project also wants to make everyone aware of conscious consumption and the importance of planning to avoid waste.