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WOWnature Alta Badia

Giulan - thank you for helping us to restore the forests of Alta Badia


Eco-sustainability, environmental protection and the development of sustainable tourism are shared values for all those who live and work in Alta Badia.

In order to guarantee a clean and healthy environment for both locals and visitors, the resort is keen to support appropriate ad hoc projects.

One of the projects that we have been supporting together with our partner, the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel cycling granfondo, is the reforestation of a centuries old forest destroyed by storm “Vaia” in 2018.
By joining the project, created in collaboration with Etifor - a spin-off of Padua University and the creator of WOWnature - you have given your contribution to the fight against climate change.

Visit also the Food Forest

Visit also the Food Forest
Visit also the Food Forest

The “Edible forest” at the Campolongo Pass is a multipurpose cultivation area that permanently absorbs carbon dioxide and increases alpine biodiversity while at the same time improving soil fertility. Read more ...

Toghether we will continue to bring the damaged areas back into shape


Giulan! Thanks to your valuable contribution, the first trees available for reforestation of 12 hectares of forest damaged in Alta Badia by the VAIA storm in 2018 have been adopted and planted.

And we don't stop because the WOWnature project needs all of us. Together we will be able to contribute to the rebirth of the damaged forests and so play our part in helping to mitigate the effects of climate change!

Together with Etiflor and WaldPlus, we will continue to bring the damaged areas back into shape.

Other trees are waiting to be adopted!

Adopt your tree

Be part of the Project.

With your help, we can contribute to the rebirth of damaged forests and thus actively contribute to climate protection.

Giulan, thank you! The Dolomites are grateful to you.

The next planting dates are June and September 2021.

A few interesting numbers numbers

* On average, around 5 tons of CO2 are produced per capita worldwide each year.
* A tree captures around 700 kg of CO2 in its life.
* To offset their CO2 emissions, a person would have to plant and grow 7 trees each year.