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WOWnature Alta Badia

Alta Badia, together with its partners, restore the forests of Alta Badia


Sustainability and environmental protection are implicit values in Alta Badia and an objective that shapes all the activities of the people who live and work here.
The Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage site, are precious because they preserve the landscapes and the ever present nature in their original state and offer both locals and tourists the opportunity to gain experiences in the midst of this nature.

Since summer 2020, Alta Badia, together with its partner, the Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, has been supporting a project to reforest a centuries-old forest that was destroyed by the storm “VAIA” in 2018. The project was launched by Etifor - a spin-off of Padua University and founder of WOWnature.

The trees made available for the reforestation of the area have already been adopted and planted there.
The damaged area of forest was cleared in the spring/summer of 2020 and the timber delivered to companies that will give it new life by transforming it into various design and furnishing items.

Toghether we can continue to protect our area


But we won't stop here: With your help we will continue to take care of the damaged forests. By adopting and supporting an adult tree, you can help us to carry out various measures such as cleaning up forests in need of maintenance, repairing paths, installing information panels, creating themed trails such as the Food Forest, as well as scientific and educational trails on the subject of nature and the climate crisis.

A few interesting numbers numbers

* On average, around 5 tons of CO2 are produced per capita worldwide each year.
* A tree captures around 700 kg of CO2 in its life.
* To offset their CO2 emissions, a person would have to plant and grow 7 trees each year.

Three Billion Trees by 2030


Through the Green Deal, the European Union has made a commitment to plant three billion trees by 2030. The aim is to adopt laws, regulations and investments to combat current global warming and climate change, strengthen the resilience of forests and their role in the fight against the loss of biodiversity.

The trees which will be planted have been grown according to strict ecological principles. You can follow the planting of the trees via a dedicated website.

Etifor with its WOWnature initiative is one of the organisations selected for the Three Billion Trees campaign. This is due to the high quality of the reforestation projects in which Alta Badia is also involved as a partner.