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By car

Alta Badia is easy to reach by car

Thanks to its proximity to major transport routes Alta Badia is easy to reach by car. If you come from the north, you can cross the Brenner-pass on its motorway. Remember, though, that the highways are toll roads in Italy.

If you want to experience the approach with the fascinating mountain scenery of the Alps, you can choose to drive on one of the the attractive country roads of South Tyrol and Alta Badia.

how to arrive to Alta Badia

Please note that Alta Badia is located at an altitude 1160-1650 meters above sea level. In winter you may experience heavy snowfalls. The roads are cleared quickly, but keep in mind that you are driving in the mountains and that you need appropriate equipment for your car (winter tires or snow chains). From mid-November to mid-April on all South Tyrolean roads winter tires or chains are required.

If it should happen that your car needs to be repaired during your holiday, with the car specialists of Alta Badia you are in good hands.

Route from the Brenner motorway to Alta Badia:

* Brenner Motorway / take the exit Brixen-Pustertal (50 km from Alta Badia)
* Pustertaler main road SS49 until Sankt Lorenzen
* Gadertaler main road SS244 until Alta Badia

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