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Tradiziuns ladines - Ladin customs and traditions

Centuries-old customs and traditions create a sense of community and a place to call home

The life of our ancestors was marked by poverty, hard work and austerity. In the mountains, which today we associate with clean air, well-being and good food, it was a matter of pure survival: The land was poor in yields. Grazing and hunting were the only way to nourish oneself and survive.

By Alex Moling (39)

The rare moments of leisure and rest were associated with religious celebrations and folk festivals. These celebrations, a mixture of sacred and profane, created a sense of community and belonging. The festivals followed the rhythm of the seasons and were closely linked to the cycle of life: Birth and baptism, first engagement, marriage, and death.

Some rituals and traditions have lost importance or disappeared altogether over the years, others are still part of the cultural fabric of the Ladin world.

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