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The Ladin cuisine

Traditional cuisine in Alta Badia is simple and made from fresh, authentic ingredients

Handmade turtres typical food of the ladin cuisine

Traditional cuisine in Alta Badia has its roots in the farm cuisine of our ancestors. Few foodstuffs were available back then and the dishes were easy to make and highly characterised by daily life in their preparation (festivals, times of need and even superstition).

The lack of ingredients actually inspired the housewives to create delicious dishes using sparse ingredients and these dishes such as barley soup, Turtres (fried pastries filled with spinach or sauerkraut), Schlutzkrapfen (Ravioli filled with spinach) or Furtaies (a spiral-shaped, fried dessert) remain some the most popular specialities of Ladin cuisine up to today.

Spëisa ladina - Ladin cookery course

Spëisa ladina - Ladin cookery course

The traditional cuisine of Alta Badia has its roots in the rural cuisine of our ancestors. It consists of simple and natural ingredients, is tasty and easy to prepare. Read more ...

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Whether you prefer an informal trattorias or rustic a farmhouse restaurant, a mountain refuge or a fashionable starred restaurant, the Alta Badia valley is a guarantee for first-class gastronomy linked to the local traditions and to fresh South Tyrol produce.

Over the years, Alta Badia has established itself among the Italian gastronomic destinations of excellence.

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