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Experience Alta Badia in a sustainable way

6 insider tips for an environmentally friendly holiday

If you want to experience Alta Badia in a sustainable and responsible way, there are a few important things you should keep in mind during your vacation. It's not about forgoing anything, but rather about the possibility to experience our valley in a more profound way while contributing to its preservation. Exploring Alta Badia by public transport, enjoying local products, discovering local handicrafts and engaging with nature through sports activities. These are just some of the tips we have thought of in order for you to help us in turning this valley into a more sustainable place.


1. Immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Fanes-Sennes-Prags and Puez-Geisler Nature Parks

Alta Badia_Hiking_by Alex Moling (13)

Alta Badia neighbours two of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Dolomites: the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park and the Puez-Geisler Nature Park. Both can be easily reached on foot starting from the 6 towns of the valley. The impressive hikes lead you through forests, valleys and plateaus. Surrounded by a relaxing silence and the gentle sounds of nature, your visit to these nature parks will turn into a magical experience.

Discover a landscape that has remained unaltered for thousands of years and has created a unique symbiosis between people and nature. Enjoy this experience to the fullest and follow a few simple rules to protect the future of this landscape.

2. Meet the Ladin history, language and culture


We Ladins have always treasured the secrets and traditions of our valley. The origins of the Ladin language, for example, can be traced back to ancient Rome. A language that has evolved over the centuries until today.

Our culture is close to our hearts, a deeply rooted heritage that we not only want to protect but also to pass on to all those visiting Alta Badia from all over the world.
A commitment that is shared by tour operators, artisans, farmers, shopkeepers and the entire Ladin population. Through their activities, they live and share with our visitors every day the values of professionalism, quality, creativity and continuity of the Ladin tradition and culture.

Let yourself be inspired by their creations and their dedication. Every Ladin will be happy to welcome you with a "bun de" or to wish you "bun pro" for lunch. Listen to their stories and visit traditional farms and museums to better understand our history, our origins and our reality.

Discover all of this with “Nos Ladins”!

3. Discover nature while enjoying outdoor activities


Whatever the season, in Alta Badia you can practice your favourite sports all year round and enjoy the landscape in all its splendour, in a sustainable and healthy way!

During an individual or guided bike tour, for example, you not only exercise in an environmentally friendly way, but also relax and recharge both body and mind.
Of course, you can also explore Alta Badia on foot, along the numerous and well-signposted hiking trails, either on your own or with the local mountain and hiking guides. Don't miss out on our interesting initiatives such as the "Responsible excursion" or WOWnature, which focus on environmental protection, and contribute to safeguarding this area.

4. Choose regional products


Farmers and cultivators are precious guardians of an ancient way of life in which nature was the only source of livelihood for the people of our valley.

Even today, their work is of major importance for our territory. Thanks to their activities, our meadows, pastures and forests are cared for with great devotion and responsibility, today as in the past. Genuine products are the result of this work, which are produced in a passionate and careful way and provide an incomparable taste experience. Don't miss out on the authentic taste of these products, discover and appreciate their quality and support their sustainability.

5. Support us in preserving our fragile territory


The Dolomites, a place that is as magical as it is vulnerable. To protect this beautiful diversity, we also rely on your support! Keep this in mind when you enjoy the countless experiences and emotions waiting for you during your stay.

All it takes are a few simple actions: Carry all the material in your backpack back to the valley without leaving it in nature, leave your car parked as often as possible, separate your waste carefully and treat the flora and fauna with respect. Your contribution is of great importance in order to make a difference in the long term!

6. Use public transport


Last but not least: use public transport as often as possible to travel around Alta Badia. We are well aware that it can also be a bit complicated at times - which is why we are working with the local institutions on improving the local services in order to offer a more accessible and convenient mobility in the valley.

Thanks to the cooperation with Moovit, you can easily find all the required timetables and information quickly and easily via the respective app on your smartphone. Of course, the lifts also play an important role in this context as in summer they become important open-air transport systems for moving comfortably from place to place.

As part of the initiative “CARLESS”, there is also a nice reward waiting for all those who decide to leave their car parked during their stay.

Giulan. Thank you for your precious support!