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Brunch dla Munt

Brunch in the Mountain Hut with Maria Sofia: The Taste of the Mountains

25.01 | 14.02 | 07.03.2024

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"There is hope, and its color is green." These words embody the belief of Maria Sofia, a young local girl who has embraced the philosophy of healthy, authentic, and, above all, tradition-bound regional cuisine. Her cooking is a celebration of the "green," where vegetables and fruits take center stage, enriched by innovative touches of cheeses, eggs, and local, natural wines.


The day begins with a meeting with an expert ski instructor, who will be your companion on an adventurous journey through picturesque ski slopes. You will arrive at our exclusive ski hut nestled in nature.

There, culinary delights custom-designed by Maria Sofia await you, all complemented by natural wines from the region.

With Maria Sofia, sharing a meal is much more than a culinary experience: it is a journey into a sustainable and authentic world.

The appointments

Scëmpl y vërt - simple and green

Thursday, 25.01.2024

I appreciate sharing homemade food. Italian cuisine has always influenced my approach to food culture. I try to keep my food chain short, favouring high quality local ingredients. As a host, I value supporting local producers and bringing their authenticity and simplicity to the table. It gives me great satisfaction when my guests know what they are eating and can appreciate local products.

Partí - sharing

Wednesday, 14.02.2024

Plated tables and shared meals are the glue that binds souls together. What I appreciate most in the art of hospitality is the magic of bringing people together and creating deep connections; it is an experience that never ceases to amaze.

Sharing a dish goes far beyond mere nutrition: it is a form of intimacy, an act of love that goes beyond words. Every bite is a taste of affection, every smile an embrace of the heart.

Every shared meal is an opportunity to celebrate love, and that’s what we’re going to do today: get ready to romanticize every flavour and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere <3.

Sté adöm - get together

Thursday, 07.03.

Gathering strangers around the lunch table for long, leisurely dinners and supporting a more sustainable local food system.

The common thread is constant: I believe that food should be delicious, savoury and indulgent, but also deeply nourishing and intrinsically healthy. My mission is to reconfigure our collective relationship with what it truly means to eat well, through the filter of seasonality and intuitive cooking.

My main goal for the last brunch of the winter is to capture the spirit of what I find most valuable in the preparation of any meal. There will be crumbled bread, colourful jams, sticky fingers of honey, fresh scrambled eggs, hearty laughter and the anticipated spring sunshine full of the frenetic energy of new friends and flavours shared around the table.

Side notes

Timetable: meeting point with the ski instructor at 12 noon at the Piz La Ila mountain station

Reservation: online or at the tourist offices Alta Badia

Number of participants: max. 10 participants

Price: 65€ per person

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