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Tru liösa Foram toboggan run

Sledge run Tru dla Liösa Foram Piz Sorega San Cassiano

The slope starts at Piz Sorega starts at an altitude of 2,003 metres and goes as far as San Cassiano at 1,537 metres. The overall length is little more than 3 km and along the run there are wooden protection devices over 2.3 km. The inclination varies from 10% to a maximum of 15%. The countryside you see during the descent is marvellous to say the least. It ranges from the beauty of mountain meadows covered in snow, to an intermediate run through the stupendous forests called "Foram" before then going towards the final "Schuss" that leads down to the valley.
The Piz Sorega departure point can easily be reached by means of the cable car Piz Sorega.

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