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Food forest Ciaulunch - Guided tour

An excursion to discover edible fruits and plants

Summer 2024

The local expert Helga will accompany you along the paths of the Food Forest at the Campolongo pass to explain the properties of the different forest herbs, berries and many more nature offerings, as well as to share information about their utilisation in the kitchen.

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In autumn 2018, storm Vaia destroyed many hectares of forest around the Dolomites. Among them was the Masisti forest at the Campolongo pass. In the years after the storm, the forest was cleaned and cultivated and while waiting for the newly planted trees to grow, a great biodiversity arose.

By now, the public forest offers tasty surprises such as blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries, juniper berries, elderberries and many other little-known plants: ideal conditions for the development of an edible forest, also known as food forest. A precious and delicate food production system that continuously binds CO2, promotes biodiversity in the Alps and increases soil fertility.