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Ice skating

In Alta Badia ice skating has a long tradition

In Alta Badia ice skating has a long tradition. Locals and tourists love to spend joyful moments with skating and ice-curling on the frozen Sompunt Lake since the end of the 50s.

Try it yourself! Ice skating is an activity suitable for all ages and easy to learn. Also practiced at an amateur level, it allows to tone the muscles of your body and, with skating, the body acquires safety and harmony in its movements.

Ice skating Corvara

At the ice stadium in Corvara you can skate late in the evening with the "Ice Disco Dance", a sort of on-ice disco where you can dance-skate while listening to the latest hits.

At the ice stadium in Corvara you find a bar for drinks and snacks and a skate rental.

Sompunt lake in Badia

The idyllic Sompunt lake freezes in winter and becomes a skating rink. A magical winter landscape surrounds the small lake where you can skating and curling during the day and in the evening.
Skates and curling stones can be rented at the lake.
The Hotel Lech da Sompunt features a restaurant and a bar.

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