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Sellaronda in counter clockwise direction

Green direction: Alta Badia - Gardena pass - Sella pass - Pordoi pass - Arabba - Alta Badia

Sellaronda cunterclockwise greenm

Average ascent times (by lift) from Corvara to Gardena Pass:

• Corvara - Gardena Pass/Danterceppies: 45 min
• Selva Val Gardena - Sella Pass: 45 min
• Pian Frataces (Lupo Bianco) - Pordoi Pass/Belvedere: 20 min
• Arabba - Campolongo Pass/Bec de Roces: 15 min

Starting in Corvara, take the Borest cable car to Colfosco. With the Sotdlijia chair lift and the Plans-Frara cabin cars you reach the Malga Cir, above the Gardena Pass. With the Val Setus chairlift you reach a high of 2,280 m above sea level. Ski down to Gardena Pass and take the Cir chairlift up to the Danterceppies from where a long descend takes you to Selva. With the Ciampinoi cable car you go up to the Ciampinoi mountain to ski down to Plan de Gralba-Piz Seteur. Take the ski lift Sassolungo and after crossing the spectacular Città dei Sassi you reach the Sella Pass. After taking the chair lift Sasso Levante descend towards Val Salei where you take the Pian Frataces (Lupo Bianco) cable car and the Gerdecia 6-seater chairlift to Sas Becè. From the Belvedere take the long descent to Arabba. A chairlift takes you to Bec de Roces where you descend in a short time to the Campolongo Pass. With the Crëp de Mont chairlift and a descend on the Boè slope you reach Corvara.

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