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Le taí dla Maratona

The Maratona in your plate - Orzotto with fermented spruce buds and dandelion

The dish of the Maratona dles Dolomites – Enel Summer 2022, the result of the cooperation between Valeria Margherita Mosca - forager, environmental hiking guide, chef and nature lover, Andrea Irsara – local chef of the restaurant Stüa dla Lâ in Badia - and Elena Casiraghi nutrition expert/Enervit team, was created exclusively with local ingredients and with a view to an increasingly sustainable cuisine.

In line with the Maratona theme the 'Ciüf', as we call flowers in our Ladin language, you can taste a simple, delicate, fragrant and at the same time energetic dish: Orzotto with fermented spruce buds and dandelion.


It is a dish that is the fruit of nature and local foodstuffs: in particular, dandelion and swiss stone pine can be found in Corvara, at the Food Forest, the edible forest, a multifunctional cultivation consisting of trees, plants, medicinal and officinal herbs, berries and other forest fruits.

It is a production system that permanently captures CO2 and increases Alpine biodiversity, while at the same time improving soil fertility. Barley from a local producer's mill can contribute to the recovery of energy (glycogen) after exertion, fermented spruce buds are rich in polyphenols, substances specific to the plant world that have the capacity when taken by humans to help restore damaged cells, not least the dandelion, known since antiquity for its medicinal properties, promotes the purification of the body and contributes to normal digestion.

A dish that can satisfy the athlete's selective appetite and satisfy the palate is a matter of balance, just like in nature.

The following professionals have contributed to the creation of the dish

Elena Casiraghi nutrition expert/Enervit team
Valeria Margherita Mosca - forager, environmental hiking guide, chef and nature lover
Andrea Irsara – young and innovative local chef of the restaurant Stüa dla Lâ in Badia

The recipe

Ingredients for 4 portions:
120 g pearled barley
1.5 l vegetable stock
Olive oil
2 shallots
1 glass white wine
80 g swiss stone pine butter
Alpine cheese
Pickled spruce tops
Salt & pepper
Powdered dandelion

Chop the shallots into fine cubes (brunoise) and sauté with some olive oil. Add the pearled barley, let it roast well and then douse with white wine. Let all evaporate and add the vegetable stock. Cook the pearled barley like a classic risotto and finally stir in the swiss pine butter and the alpine cheese. Finally, arrange everything on a plate and garnish it with the powdered dandelion and the pickled spruce tops.