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Vins alaleria

Outdoor tasting of the best wines of Alto Adige/South Tyrol

16.07.2021 | 23.07.2021 | 30.07.2021 | 13.08.2021 | 20.08.2021 | 27.08.2021 | 03.09.2021 | 10.09.2021 | 17.09.2021


Imagine to be in one of the most beautiful spots of our valley.
Imagine to be with only few others and a sommelier who knows his stuff.
Imagine tasting the best wines of Alto Adige/South Tyrol.

If you are imagining all this, then you are thinking of Vins alaleria, wines in the open air.

Vins alaleria is an initiative dedicated to you because you are able to appreciate the best that this valley offers.

Vives, cheers!


The dates scheduled for Summer 2021


16.07.2021, 2:30 p.m.

La Crusc in Badia, with the romantic La Crusc church and the majestic Sas dla Crusc towering behind, is a place of the heart for all Ladins. Here, in these meadows, a sommelier will serve you sparkling wine, a white, a red and a dessert wine. A whole region in your glass!


23.07.2021, 2:30 p.m.

At the foot of the Pisciadú waterfalls, in the meadows just outside the town of Colfosco, accompanied by the sound of the fresh waters, you will taste some of the best of Alto Adige red wines, from local grape varieties to Bordeaux blend wines. Vives!

La Val Wengen im Sommer Estate

30.07.2021, 8:30 p.m.

Night falls, the fire is lit. We are in Ciablun, at a farm in La Val. The atmosphere is perfect for tasting selected South Tyrolean spirits, including rum and gin. Spectacular!


13.08.2021, 4:00 p.m.

Perhaps not everybody knows that excellent gins distilled from local herbs and ingredients are produced in Alto Adige/South Tyrol. In the garden of Ciastel Colz, a historic castle overlooking the village of La Villa you have the opportunity to discover something truly extraordinary. Cheers!


20.08.2021, 2:30 p.m.

We are in a traditional barn at Sompunt, between La Villa and Badia. In this picturesque setting you will be able to taste the wines of Alto Adige/South Tyrol, accompanied by a selection of cheeses chosen by the legendary chees-refiner Hansi Baumgartner. A delightful experience for sure.


20.08.2021, 2:30 p.m.

Organic wine growing is characterized first and foremost by its focus on nature-friendly agricultural methods. On the Sas Dlacia meadows, in San Cassiano, you can taste a selection of the best biodynamic wines of Alto Adige/South Tyrol.


03.09.2021, 1:30 p.m.

At the Armentara meadows, between Badia and La Val, a local guide will accompany you from Valgiarёi to Lech de Valacia, where our sommelier will conduct a tasting of outstanding Alto Adige white wines. An appointment you cannot miss.

Badia-la-crusc_Freddy Planinschek

10.09.2021, 2:30 p.m.

The gentleness of the place, Lech Dlá Lé in Badia, a small lake with a view of Santa Croce, goes perfectly with a tasting centred on the sweet and rosé wines of our land. A wonderful mineral acidity, as sugary as honey.


17.09.2021, 5:00 p.m.

Sunset is the time of day that inspires romantic, pure, sensual thinking. You will fully enjoy it while tasting the sparkling wines of Alto Adige/South Tyrol admiring the spectacular view of the Cima Dieci and Cima Nove peaks in the Santa Croce massif from the Larcenёi meadown in La Val. Simply great!

Participation and price


The maximum number of participants is 4 per each appointment.

Registration in the Alta Badia tourist offices.

Price: Euro 24.00 per person / tasting of four different wines or distillates.

** For the appointment on the 20.08.2021 the price per person is Euro 30.00

In collaboration with South Tyrol Wine and Sommelier Association South Tyrol.