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Dolodis - I dis dla geologia

The festival dedicated to Earth Sciences

Do the Dolomites take your breath away at first sight? Are you overwhelmed by their beauty? If you have the feeling that you are in front of a majestic work of art, it is due to the effect of a mixture of ancient habitats that have been in succession over millions of years... simple as that!

Exploring the history of our landscape is a fascinating journey that makes us aware of the precious nature around us. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the Dolomites follow the path of water. You will not only taste it, but also understand how closely its origin is linked to the rock. Follow the water on its paths, even underground, and observe how it has shaped our mountains over the course of time. Find out more about the people who ensure that the water continues to follow its natural course.

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La mostra “Ega”

09.07 - 09.08.2024

  • Corner_didattico_ by Manuel Glira (37)
  • Corner_didattico_ by Manuel Glira (31)
  • Corner_didattico_ by Manuel Glira (10)

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In cooperation with MUSE (Trento Science Museum), the South Tyrol Mineralogical Society, the SMS-Section Val Pusteria,the Fassa and Fiemme Mineralogical Circle and a number of private collectors.

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