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Hiking village La Val

Our village is the first one in South Tyrol to join the group European Hiking Villages


At the international Wanderdorf Symposium in June 2015 La Val received the official award as European hiking village.

Part of the sustainable and long-term project European hiking village is a "step by step" implementation with four criteria categories: space, experience, orientation and service.


The landscape builds the setting in which the experiences will take place and the village serves as excursion staring point. The path network comprises: a village’s route, so to say a living brochure, which connects its main attractions and establishes a relationship between the village and the nature; the main route that represents the base of the path network and a complementary path system, which offers many tour variations to satisfy the needs and desires of the target market.


The experience value of a hiking village is determined by many and various environmental elements, especially by water elements, heterogeneous landscapes with rocks, trees, swamp and woods but also by flora and fauna. The current and exploitable potential is better identified through the separate observation of nature, water, culture and leisure time experiences. The function of the village’s evaluation is to make its potential visible and to recognize improvement possibilities. The excursion experiences basically start from the village’s center. The village plays the role of a storyteller, which narrates its history in order to prepare the visitors for their excursions and helps to choose and optimize their recreational activities.


The orientation system starts at the excursion starting point in the center of the village. There, an excursion map with appropriate information presents the path network and stimulates the visitors’ curiosity. The adventure starts as soon as you pass by the welcome sign. Road and information signs help you with the orientation within the village. Excursion paths that do not start directly at the main starting point, have their own starting points which are logistically connected with the village.


The service value chain of a hiking village begins at the excursion experts (guest houses and tourist office) as part of an emotional excursion starting point. Appropriate equipment, alpine competence of the employees and proper informational material are expected. Other compulsory criterions to fulfill are a wide ranging offering of guided excursions, an efficient mobility and transport service as well as a path guardian.
The main starting point in central position, optimally close to the tourist office with – depending on the situation and necessity – further starting points (for example at valley stations of lifts or at other adequate sites) where excursion tours begin, make the village a real hiking village.

Criteria for being classified as a hiking village holiday area

* Hiking starting point with panoramic hiking maps and information boards.
* Information corner with information about the guided hikes and hiking suggestions, hiking maps, books, brochures and weather stations.
* Washing and drying facilities for hiking shoes and technical clothing.
* Free rental of rucksacks, hiking sticks, telescopes.
* Two guided hikes per week included in the price, one of them with the host.
* Hiking skills of the host (annual training).
* The accommodation is located directly on the path network.

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