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Hiking village La Val

Our village is the first one in South Tyrol to join the group European Hiking Villages


The Ladin village La Val in the South Tyrolean Dolomites pays a special attention to the excursionists: the unique and monumental beauty of the Dolomites as a frame of the upland meadows and their haymows, the farms with their blooming gardens in the so called “viles”, agglomerates of ancient buildings in the old part of the village as a witness of a centenary settlement history.

At the foot of the imposing Sasso Santa Croce in the natural park Fanes-Sennes-Braies you can explore the fascinating meadows of Armentara with its varied flora. Several orchid types, spruces of silicate, larch meadows, pine woods and more than 60 birds’ species make the excursionists feel as they were in a botanical garden created in the last millennium by human cultivation. From late spring until autumn, flora and fauna show off their enchanting beauty. Not far away from them, there are the Rit-meadows and on the other side of the village the alpine meadows of Chi Jus.

La Val in the summer

La Val Wengen im Sommer Estate

Since 2015 our village has been the first one in South Tyrol to join the group European Hiking Villages. Guest houses, reaching from classy hotels to traditional farmhouses, are customer oriented with the aim to satisfy their needs and desires, particularly those of excursionists. That is why they has become excursion experts and obtained the certification as qualified accommodation for excursionists.

La Val, the village of alpine meadows offers also four certificated tours:

-Tru de paisc: Step by step through La Val and its everyday life.
On this walk you will get in touch with the art and the culture of La Val. It is a short excursion in and around the village that requires about 40 minutes and which helps you with the orientation and the planning of your next excursions.

-Tru de meditaziun “memento vivere”: Step by step towards God.
This tour is an easy excursion from the starting point (nearby the new church) upwards to the chapel of Saint Barbara and the most ancient part of La Val. It takes you through several stations where you can admire art works of native artists and sentimental thoughts taken from the Holy Scripture. The time needed for this excursion is about one hour.

-Roda dles viles: Step by step to the Ladin farmhouses.
The “Roda dles viles” takes you through the coloured meadows to the “viles”, characteristic settlements of farmhouses. During the weekly guided tour we will discover the Ladin architecture and the ancient and modern tools for carrying out agricultural work. On this walk there are also two farmhouses where you can rest and have a typical Ladin meal. It takes about 2 ½ hours.

-Tru di pra: Step by step across the Rit-meadows up to Ciamplorët in the wonderland of the meadows of Armentara. As soon as you leave the starting point (nearby the new church), you immediately understand the reason why La Val is defined as the village of alpine meadows: perfect green meadows surround you constantly. Those landscapes, situated between 1300 and 2000 meters above sea level, were developed by anthropization of our ancestors. Nowadays agricultural machinery is used in order to make the farmers’ work less hard. The higher the altitude, the greater the consistency of meadows. Starting from the calcareous grassland of Rit you arrive to the poor grassland and the larch meadows of Armentara. Sensational panoramic viewpoints, info points with games for children, a playground, a sulphur spring which contains radioactive water in Al Bagn and multiple mountain huts and farmhouses characterize this tour. The “Tru di pra” has a length of 27 km but can be shorten according to the excursionist’s preferences. Our taxis are always ready to pick you up.

-Tru Spizan: Step by step in the neighbour villages of Lungiarü and Badia.
This excursion conducts you in the natural park Pues-Odle starting from Pederoa in direction of the meadows of Chi Jus. At first you notice the village of Lungiarü and the Sasso Putia on the right side and later looking towards Lavarella you see also the village of Badia. On the return you hear the thunder of the Gadera creek and catch a sight of a tiny natural lake where you can go fishing on request of the fishing permit. Completing this excursion in addition to the “Tru di pra”, you will explore and experience the whole area around La Val in a few days.

La Val in the winter

La Val im Winter mit Schnee und Sonnenschein

-Winter excursions:
Experience the breath-taking winter landscape of the Dolomites on the 30 km of routes or on the marked snowshoe paths (74 km). La Val is the perfect destination for the ones who are searching for peace, nature and fairy-tale panoramas.

-Cross-country skiing:
The cross-country ski trail Armentara counts approximately 5 km of tracks. They lead you through the enchanting Dolomites landscapes at the food of the majestic Sasso Santa Croce on 1900 meters above sea level. The three rings of different length can be reached from the parking area near Furnacia after a walk of about half an hour which is an excellent warm-up. On this trail you will enjoy astonishing views and there is the possibility to stop for a rest and have a typical meal at the Ranch da Andrè. There you can also get changed or deposit your skiing equipment for several days.

Sledding is an important sport in La Val which has been characterizing the village since many decades. Indeed the sledding club managed by the European sledding champion has a rich activity programme. Both, professionals and amateurs enjoy the twisting sledding trails in La Val. Either with the sun shining up in the sky or by a romantic moonlight, sledding will always be just fun. It is also an ideal alternative to other winter activities when the weather is not at its best. Sleds can be rent directly in some guest houses or at the village’s tourist office.

-Alpine skiing:
La Val is also an optimal place for passionate skiers. The two biggest skiing areas Alta Badia and Plan de Corones are easily reachable in short time. A ski bus picks you up from the most distant farmhouses and takes you directly to the Sellaronda. After a small drive (6,5 km) you get to Plan de Corones and there you can catch the train to San Candido every 30 minutes.