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The gourmet valley in the Dolomites

Four Michelin stars for Norbert Niederkofler/St. Hubertus restaurant


For several years Alta Badia, the small valley in the heart of the Dolomite UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been crowned as the gourmet destination in the Alps. The small valley occupies a mere 15 square kilometres, but it can boast a grand total of four brightly shining Michelin Stars:
three stars for Norbert Niederkofler from the St. Hubertus restaurant de l'Hotel Rosa Alpina and the "Green star" for sustainability;

The award-winning chefs and restaurateurs have, over the years, served as role models for many young local cooks and have been able to inspire them to try their hand at fine dining in restaurants, hotels and mountain huts.

Top quality food and drink have for years now been one of the main attractions for tourists visiting Alta Badia. The numerous gastronomic awards, above all the Michelin stars, are cause for great pride and are the well-earned prize for hard work and commitment.

Over the years, the award-winning chefs and restaurateurs have been role models for many young local innkeepers and chefs and have been able to inspire them for the upscale art of cooking.

Rooted food

Rooted food
Rooted food

A twelve-minute video tells the story of our restaurateurs and their passion for good food: a combination of research and experimentation, selection of ingredients, commitment and patience, ancient traditions and ethics. Read more ...

If you choose Alta Badia as your holiday destination you can be sure to experience unique culinary delights, whether in gourmet restaurants and in hotels or in inns and mountain huts.