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Le somené - The sowing


In the farming economy of our ancestors, the times of sowing and harvesting were of great importance for the whole community. They were special, emotionally charged moments for everyone. Religious practices mixed with folk and superstitious rituals; the harvests had to be protected from misfortune and any help was welcome. In Val Badia barley, rye and wheat were cultivated.

The olive tree and holy water were largely part of the propitiatory rites associated with field cultivation. Before ploughing and sowing, the farmers took off their hats and prayed as a sign of respect for the land.

After sowing, they drew one or more crosses on the field with a hoe to protect it from bad weather and any evil.

People also believed in legends: For example, the salvans (the legendary forest dwellers) were supposed to show the farmers when it was the best time to start ploughing.