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Sant Ojöp - Saint Joseph


For the people of Badia, Saint Joseph is the highly revered patron saint of associations and married men.

In the times of our ancestors, St. Joseph's Day was a great feast day: on the eve of the feast, panicia - barley soup and tutres - spinach fritters were prepared, and on the feast day, bales - dumplings and sauerkraut were served. On the day of the saint, the young men went to the girls' houses to reserve the Easter eggs.

This was part of a more complex set of pre-wedding courtship rituals, an important moment because through these rituals mutual interest was signalled. The request for eggs thus symbolically became a request for engagement (for this, six eggs had to be given).

From St. Joseph's Day to Easter Monday, the day when the young boys were allowed to collect the eggs, they experienced an exciting time of waiting.