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Festa de San Francësch - The Saint Francis festivity


In the past, on 4 October, the day of Saint Francis, the faithful of the Val Badia and the neighbouring valleys made their profession of faith in a procession to the pilgrimage church of La Crusc in Badia. The following day they used to meet in the village for the annual fair, where the farmers of the valley exhibited their livestock.

Among the vendors were also craftsmen who made ropes, leather straps, shepherd's whips and horse harnesses. Several traders came from Bolzano to sell fruit: It was a rarity for fresh fruit to be sold in the valley, and it happened almost exclusively on this occasion. Pears were particularly sought after, as they stood for the renewal of love relationships. Girls who gave Easter eggs to their admirers received pears in return.

Even today, the annual market in Badia, which takes place on 4 October, is an unmissable event for the valley's inhabitants.