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Luca Pescollderungg

When I run here in the Dolomites, I feel free and inspired, mountains are never monotonous.


Luca Pescollderungg from La Villa loves to run around his mountains and he has made this to his sport. He is a specialist in Spartan race, trail running and skyrunning. In winter he is a ski tourer.

Do you have a nickname? Pesco
Would you like to tell us your date of birth? 08/04/1991
Where do you live? In La Villa (Alta Badia)
What are your sports? Trail running, skyrunning, Spartan Race and ski mountaineering

Which are your most important successes?
2018 Spartan Race European Champion "European Mountain Series Championship", 2019 Spartan Race Vice European Champion "European Mountain Series Championship", 2019 third place Spartan Race European Championship with Team Italy, 2020 first place "6 Summits Skyrace" in Saalbach (Austrian Skyrunning National Series), 2021 Sparten Race Vice European Champion in Verbier, 2021 first place Dolomiti Extreme Trail 22K with course record, 2023 first place at the European Championship in Andorra.

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For what moment or emotion do you train for? For me, running in the mountains is like an addiction. I feel free and running in the middle of the Dolomites is indescribably exciting. The mountains are never monotonous. Every single run is an adventure.

How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge? To recharge my batteries I try to switch off and pursue other activities. I like cycling, mushroom picking and fishing.

What is your favourite quote? Why do you like it? "Don't stop at the idea of doing something, do it! " I like this quote a lot because it reflects my way of thinking. After all, time passes quickly and you have to make the most of every moment.

How do you deal with difficult situations? I have a very nice family and many friends who support me in what I do. In difficult situations it helps me a lot if I can rely on them.

What sacrifices did you have to make to get where you are today? Were they worth it? I wouldn't call them sacrifices; it was my decision. I love to train and I always try to improve my fitness level. I admit that it's not easy to find the incentive to work out every day, but my persistence makes me do it anyway. Maybe it is the very reason why I have been able to achieve good results.


How does your attitude influence your performance? Experience has taught me that I can only perform well when I am having fun and when I’m relaxed. The more relaxed I am, the more I can use my skills.

What do you do when you don't have competitions on the schedule? When I'm not training, I enjoy life as a normal person (not as an athlete). Doing things that I don't do every day. For example, going out to dinner and staying with friends even till late. I definitely always try to find the right balance in life.

What strategy do you use to cope with pressure and stress and to perform optimally? To perform well and achieve optimal results, I always have to enjoy what I am doing and stay relaxed. It also helps me a lot spending some time alone, go to the mountains and enjoy nature. I find it very relaxing to meditate and fantasise on top of a mountain.

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