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Sié y restelé - Harvesting hay


July is the month when the hay is cut and stored. While today this is also done by mechanical means for our ancestors the work used to be very hard. The day began at dawn and ended after sunset.

During the first few days of July, they made hay from the meadows near the house, then, towards the end of the month, they would move to the high mountain meadows. When it was time for the alpine pastures, the whole family, including the children, would go up to the alp.

On the first day in the high pastures, all family members and staff were given some dry hay, which they spread out in small huts to create a sleeping camp.

Before setting off, the farmer's wife packed some spare clothes and enough food for the whole week. At noon they ate in the meadow, heating the food in the cialdira - frying pan with a tripod. The food was simply prepared, but was nutritious. For example, there was jüfa smalzada - milk porridge with melted butter or bales - dumplings.