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Tëmp de racoiüda - The harvest time


In Val Badia, a little later than in the rest of South Tyrol, July was the month of haymaking in the valley and August the month of hay harvesting on the high mountain pastures. The work on the steep slopes was very strenuous at this time, as it was exclusively manual work.

The farmers hoped for cool nights and warm days in order to be able to harvest a rich crop. This meant that the hay stacks would be high. Dew was a blessing, rain on the other hand was a problem.

From a weather forecasting point of view, the heat in August was considered a sign of possible snowfalls in winter and an old peasant saying thus predicted the weather of the winter season: "Mët man l'agost dër cialt, l'invern sará blanch y frëit" - If it is very hot at the beginning of August, the winter will be white and cold.