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Hannes Zingerle

Never give up. It's more than a quote, it's an attitude of life.


Hannes Zingerle was born in La Villa, the village at the foot of the Gran Risa, the slope of the great ski champions. So it is more than understandable that he wanted to emulate his heroes. The disciplines in which the alpine skier competes are giant slalom and slalom.

Do you have a nickname? Zinghi
Would you like to tell us your date of birth? 11/04/1995
Where do you live? In La Villa (Alta Badia)
What are your sports? Giant slalom, slalom

What are your most important successes? 22nd place in the Ski World Cup; 2 victories in the European Cup; 2 times absolute Italian champion.

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For what moment or feeling are you doing this? I do it for the thrill. It's great to cross the finish line and see the green light on the time board. That moment fills me with emotion and compensates me for all the sacrifices I made before.

How do you recharge your batteries for the next challenge? Between the races I like to return home because nothing recharges my batteries better than being at home with my family.

What is your favourite quote? Why do you like it? Never give up. It's more than a quote, it's an attitude towards life that reminds me to always fight and pursue my goals.

How do you deal with difficult situations? I hate being in a difficult situation. In training, I try to be prepared for everything and if something unexpected happens, I trust my instinct.

What sacrifices did you have to make? Were they worth it? Life as an athlete consists of many sacrifices. Especially in skiing, you always have to get up at dawn. So, even if young I do not join nightly parties and celebrations with my peers. But I would do it again and again because I love what I do.... it has always been my dream to become a professional skier.


How does your mentality influence your performance? Mentality is an essential aspect of an athlete. Determination, tenacity and ambition are definitely sides of a character that all professional athletes have in common.

What do you do when you don't have competitions on the schedule? When I'm not training, I like to play golf with my friends at the golf course in Corvara.

What strategy do you use to cope with pressure and stress and to achieve optimal performance? The pressure is rightly there because it means you want to achieve something. I try to turn pressure into positive energy by motivating myself to believe in myself more.

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