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La noza da paur - The farmer's wedding


In Val Badia most weddings took place during the winter season. To set the wedding date, the groom went to the bride's house to get her father's consent. The wedding details were then fixed and fortaies - fried dough snails were served to mark the occasion.

On the wedding day, the bride wore the guant da paur - the peasant garb with a white silk apron and a lily of the valley garland. The groom wore a garland on his arm and a hat.

The bride and groom's unmarried brothers, known as sonsí, wore hats decorated with special feathers and flowers made of paper and coloured foil.

On the way to the church, the wedding procession was stopped by young men who held a parade and made fun of the couple's good and bad sides.

During the meal, some friends "stole" the bride. The man of honor had to follow them and bring the bride back to the groom.

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