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Fá pan - The bread baking

fa pan

In the time of our ancestors, in the Val Badia valley bread was baked once or at most twice a year.
Almost every house had its own oven, which could be outside or inside the kitchen. Sometimes the oven was shared with the neighbours, usually in typical settlements consisting of two or more houses, stables and a small courtyard called "les viles". Each oven had a specific shape and could hold a different number of püces - breads.

Baking bread usually took two days. After the farmers’ women had worked on the bread all night and all the next day until about midnight, they devoted themselves to making sweet rolls with caraway seeds, sultanas, figs, sugar and cream. The young men went to the girls to help them bake bread, and this was also a way to woo them.

As soon as the bread came out of the oven and got cold, it was taken to the attic to dry and in the following months it was eaten dry, hard and crispy. Nowadays, pücia bread is still a beloved speciality.