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Badiamusica - Flute and harp


When and where19.08.2020
  • 09:00 PM-10:00 PM

Concert of the music festival Festival Badiamusica with Agnes Mayr (flute) and Isabel Goller (harp).

In the “Dance with Fantasy” program the two artists present two forms of composition that have always played an important role in classical music.
Dance and music are closely connected. Folk dance inspires the development of music with its local character. The two art forms have influenced each other throughout history, but they have also developed independently of each other. In this program you can listen to Baroque dances in their original form, for example in Bach 's music and incorporated into a fantasy in Telemann' s music, as well as subsequent interpretations of Karg - Elert and Lauber.
The term “Fantasia” appears for the first time in the 16th century as the title of a musical work and refers more to the imaginative use of musical material. It develops into a piece of music that does not have a fixed form like a classical sonata. This unconstrained form emphasizes the emotional and expressive expression of musical spontaneity. The Baroque composer Telemann was also taken in this style. The fantasies of the romantic period require particular virtuosity, such as the Fantasy for flute and harp by Camille Saint Säens or the Fantasy on themes from the opera “Faust” by Charles Gounod for solo harp.
It is freedom of expression that inspires the two musicians. They present an evening in which their audience must be inspired by their imagination.

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