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ATIRA - The forest from the mushroom's perspective

When and where22.07.2024 - 16.09.2024
  • 09:30 AM-12:30 PM
La Val

What varieties of mushrooms inhabit the forests of Alta Badia across different seasons?
How do mushrooms contribute to the balance and biodiversity of forest ecosystems? What cultural and historical role do mushrooms play?
How can the properties of mushrooms illuminate new paths in pharmacological science?
What responsible and sustainable methods can be adopted in mushroom foraging?

At least once, we've all 'gone' mushroom picking. But there's a difference between going and truly seeing. In the company of Andrea, an enthusiastic mycologist, it's possible to view the forest from the mushroom's perspective. This shift in viewpoint is exhilarating, fascinating, and unique: suddenly, the mushroom is not just a fruit of the earth but a connector that binds every form of life within the forest ecosystem.

We are in the forests of La Val, areas that transform with the seasons, home to a variety of mushrooms that includes more than just the familiar porcini and chanterelles. With Andrea, the journey becomes a sensory and cognitive adventure where each encountered mushroom serves as a pretext for stories of ecology, biology, and chemistry. Thus, learning transforms into an art: the art of identifying, collecting, and respecting mushrooms and of discovering the wonders of the fungal kingdom, thanks to their extraordinary medicinal properties that often have anticipated new frontiers in pharmaceutical research.

This experience is part of ATIRA: a series of weekly meetings and excursions designed to raise awareness about crucial issues for maintaining sustainable territorial development. With ATIRA, you become a guardian of the Dolomites: you will not only learn fascinating facts about the mountains but also how to actively contribute to the protection of our territory. It's an opportunity to connect with the Dolomite nature, which is everyone's heritage and thus requires everyone's respect.

Difficulty: easy
Meeting: 9.30 a.m. La Val - Spëscia dessot parking
Return: approx. 12.30 p.m.

Domestic animals and strollers are not allowed.

Information and reservation at the tourist offices or online within the day before (limited places).

During the event photos or video footage may be taken for the purpose of documentation and promotion of the event and the region. The footage may be used and published on websites, on social networks and on media in compliance with the data protection regulations.

Useful informations / what to bring

Bring the confirmation of the reservation (also in digital format). For a safe mountain hike, it is necessary that you wear appropriate hiking shoes as well as sportswear suitable for the weather conditions and take mountain sticks with you. Remember to pack a backpack with your essentials: a water bottle, sunscreen, a cap, a wind and rain jacket and energy snacks to recharge your batteries along the way.

Refund information

The refund will be made with a medical certificate or if the event is cancelled by the Alta Badia Tourism Cooperative.

Service description

Guided excursion.


Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards Pederoa and continue on road SP60 to La Val.

In order to encourage sustainable mobility, choose environmentally friendly means of transportation, such as public transport.

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