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Mountain- and skiing guides

Discover winter in the Dolomites with a professional guide

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If you want to experience the Dolomites in winter in complete safety we advise you to contact a trained mountain- and ski guide.

Alpine guides are the only professionals who can accompany individuals and teach them about climbing on high mountain terrain or about alpine skiing. Their training and professional practices are regulated by law and their qualifications are recognised internationally by all the nations that participate in the UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guides). The alpine guide qualification is achieved by attending appropriate courses, with highly selective final examinations. Only well prepared candidates are likely to pass.

5 good reasons to choose an alpine guide:

first-hand information about the environment, the flora and the fauna
more fun
greater chance of success
opportunity to trek off the beaten track

Good reasons to choose an alpine guide:

  • Safety
  • First-hand information about the environment, the flora and the fauna
  • Greater chance of success
  • Mountain guide in Alta Badia Dolomites
    Mountain guide
  • Ski tour with wonderful views Alta Badia Dolomites
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The Alpine School Alta Badia Guides

Names and contact data of the private mountain and skiing guides members of the Alta Badia Tourism Cooperative

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