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Rezetes ladines

Ladin cooking, recipes

Cucina-ladina-cajinci_© Alta Badia - Alex Moling

Ladin cuisine has a distinctly rural character and is closely linked to local traditions. Every dish expresses the values of our restaurateurs. For them cooking doesn’t simply mean going back to the roots in a metaphorical sense. It means much more. It is trying to follow the rhythm of nature and rediscover its treasures. It is ecological sustainability, waste reduction and support of the local micro-economy.

At the same time, our Ladin cuisine is by no means lacking in originality. On the contrary, today it is more innovative and cosmopolitan than ever, thanks to the passion of the chefs who blend tradition and creativity to perfection. And indeed, Ladin food and recipes, le mangé ladin y les rezetes ladines, are appreciated across the globe.

Below we present some dishes with their most important ingredients. Take a close look at them, you will need them for the treasure hunt.

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