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Art, culture & history in the Dolomites

SMACH is the international public art biennial conceived in 2012. For each edition, 10 works are selected by a jury of art professionals through an international competition. The open-air exhibition of contemporary art takes place in the landscape and cultural context of the Dolomites.

SMACH_Val dl Ert_by Gustav Willeit_2

Since 2018, SMACH has also been a cultural association of the same name that, in synergy with local and institutional actors, works for the promotion of art, territory and culture, from the perspective of cultural tourism.
On March 14, 2023, the SMACH project was awarded one of 10 honorable mentions in the National Landscape Award 2022-2023 organized by the Ministry of Culture.

SMACH Biennale 2023: Sprouting


The proposed theme for the 6th edition of the Biennale is the word "Sprouting", a verb declined to the gerund, indicating an action already in progress. Sprouting indicates the birth of potential new plant life, a symbol of fertility and wealth but also a sprout to be protected and cared for. Sprouting is also a term used in the field of neural plasticity, the ability of the nervous system to modify. In a time of great instability and insecurity, SMACH wanted to stimulate sensitive and visionary imagination through art, to try to generate constructive hypotheses, positive alternatives, values that, through creativity, can point to future scenarios.
Participants were not limited in technique or content and worked freely on the proposed theme, always paying attention to the cultural and landscape context in which they intervened. More than 300 projects were submitted from 38 countries.

  • SMACH_MEGX_by Gustav Willeit
  • SMACH_Michela Longone_by Gustav Willeit
  • SMACH_Stefano Caimi_by Gustav Willeit

Art Park - Val dl’Ert

SMACH_Val dl Ert_by Gustav Willeit

Val dl’Ert, from the ladin Art Valley, is an art park located in the town of San Martino in Badia. This is a permanent exhibition of the sculptures acquired during the last editions of the SMACH art competition.
Situated in an alpine forest, intact and far away from civilization, you can see works by artists from all over the world. Art in a natural context establishes a complementary relationship between them, enriching each other through a continuous dialogue.
The art park Val dl’Ert is freely accessible and free of charge, visitors can spend a few hours in total tranquillity in the middle of nature.

Art Trekking

Art Trekking

A suggestive circular route in the heart of the Dolomites to discover the works of art of SMACH 2023. Three stays in the mountain huts, four days of trekking specially designed for nature and art lovers. Read more ...

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