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L'ega de nostes munts

The water from our mountains

The water that flows from the springs at the foot of our Dolomite mountains, of excellent quality, is a precious resource that we want to share with our visitors.

With the initiative "Proiet Ega" we want to sensitise citizens and visitors to environmentally friendly behaviour based on awareness and responsibility.


We all know by now that consuming water in plastic bottles leaves permanent traces, so why not consume tap and fountain water using reusable bottles?
The water in Alta Badia is not only good, but also certified and of excellent quality.

The EGA water bottle

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As part of our project, an exclusive "EGA water bottle" was developed and is now available in selected establishments. With the EGA water bottle, you are perfectly equipped to enjoy refreshing water on the go and to recharge it at the various water refill points.

Now available in the tourist offices and at selected businesses

  • Garni Raetia
  • Sport Alfredo
  • Dolomit Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Störes
  • Ütia de Bioch
  • Alpenstars
  • Hotel Col Alto
  • Sports and Nature Hotel Boé
  • Piz Arlara - Alpine Restaurant
  • Hotel Gran Ciasa
  • Gourmet Hotel Gran Ander
  • Malbo
  • Dolomites Hotel La Fradora
  • Hotel La Perla
  • Boarding House Runcac

Drinking water refill points at a glance

The drinking water supply is part of the "Respect the mountains" project. The two main themes of the project are drinking water and waste, the reduction of which is crucial.

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