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Saus dl altonn

Precious moments to be savoured in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site

12.09.2021 - 26.09.2021


Autumn in Alta Badia right in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site offers many valuable moments to be shared and enjoyed.

With our “Saus dl Altonn” initiative (that’s Ladin for “Flavours of Autumn”) we invite you to experience this exciting season in Alta Badia by combining our unique mountain landscape with outdoor activities, local traditions, delicious food and drink, enhanced by the Ladin quality of life.

In September a number of mountain huts, in collaboration with local producers and farmers, will be offering three-course menus where each menu will feature one type of local product as its main attraction.

The participating mountain huts for Summer 2021

Ütia Gardenacia - Ciajó grisc/Grey cheese - Affineur Degust-Varna

Smoked char with elderberries on mother yeast toasted bread and horse radish
Alto Adige Chardonnay Riserva

Sugar beet, wasabi and Affineur Degust grey cheese creamed barley risotto created
in collaboration with Karl Baumgartner*, head chef at the restaurant Schöneck in Falzes
Alto Adige Pinot Grigio

Barbecued beef tongue, green apple sorbet, marinated celery and grey cheese crumbs
Alto Adige Pinot Noir

Monday, 13.09.2021 - meeting with the star chef and the producer


Ütia Pralongiá Bla/Wheat - Terra Vitae-Gais

Spelt, spruce, green tea, donkey milk, goji berries created in collaboration with Fabrizia Meroi*,
head chef at the restaurant Laite in Sappada
Alto Adige Sparkling Wine Brut

Vegetarian burger with buckwheat and beetroot
Alto Adige Lagrein Rosé

“Schupfnudeln”, poppy seeds, buttermilk and blueberry ice cream
Alto Adige Moscato Rosa

Tuesday, 14.09.2021 - meeting with the star chef and the producer


Ütia SaraghesCern de armënt y de porcel/Beef and pork - Lüch da Ciampidel–S. Cassiano

House starter: Country charcuterie variations
Alto Adige Lago di Caldaro

Ciampidel tagliolini: Home made tagliolini with local pork cheek
Alto Adige Schiava

Chef's ossobuco recipe created in collaboration with Alessandro Gilmozzi*, head chef at
the restaurant El Molin in Cavalese
Alto Adige Pinot Noir

Wednesday, 15.09.2021 - meeting with the star chef and the producer


Ütia de Bioch - Mil/Honey - Lü de Pincia-S. Vigilio di Marebbe

Potato purée with fresh mountain herbs and pollen
Alto Adige Valle Isarco Kerner

Country doughnuts filled with apples, yoghurt and caramelised honey ice cream
Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Passito

Grilled Mangalica chop, honey-lemon sauce, melted onion and herb salad created
in collaboration with Nicola Laera*, head chef at the restaurant La Stüa de Michil in Corvara
Alto Adige Lagrein

Friday, 17.09.2021 - meeting with the star chef and the producer


Ütia I Tablá Ciajó dl lüch/Country cheese - Lüch Chi Prà-Badia

Au gratin Maso Chi Prà cheeses on a bed of salad accompanied by chutney
Alto Adige Pinot Blanc

Crunchy lasagne with chanterelle mushrooms, courgettes and Maso Chi Prà cheese created
in collaboration with Paolo Donei*, head chef at the restaurant Malga Panna in Moena
Alto Adige S. Maddalena classico

Whole wheat flour tart filled with raspberries and Maso Chi Prà ricotta
Alto Adige Moscato Rosa

Monday, 20.09.2021 - meeting with the star chef and the producer



try the events with tasty and colorful autumn scent

Allow yourself to be seduced by our autumnal mountain landscape! Come and visit us in September and discover for yourself our centuries old culture and the passion our people have for their land and its fruits, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience the breath-taking spectacle of the Alpenglow in the Dolomites.

There are lots of reasons for choosing an autumn holiday in the Dolomite mountains


* The climate in autumn is pleasantly fresh and largely stable, ideal for hiking and cycling trips.
* In the evenings, the mountains are steeped in red, orange and pink hues – an amazing natural spectacle which we Ladins call the ‘Enrosadira’, the ‘Alpenglow’.
* An atmosphere of calm and serenity permeates the valley.
* Mother nature provides us with delicious seasonal products.

Lifts open in summer

Lifts open in summer
Lifts open in summer

If you want to enjoy the spectacular views from the Alta Badia’s high plateaus, you can easily reach the summits by cable car and chairlift. Here you will find welcoming mountain huts with panoramic sun terraces, numerous hiking trails, mountain bike trails and many other varied activities. Read more ...Season: 06.06.2021 - 03.10.2021