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Natural smart working

In Alta Badia you can perfectly combine vacation and work

The year 2020 has reshaped our lifestyles, showing us that it is no longer strictly necessary to go to the office to work. Smart working, or agile working, is now a widespread and appreciated reality.

In Alta Badia hotels, bars, restaurants and refuges have equipped themselves and offer the necessary comforts for stimulating and productive work sessions.

And if you want to go up in altitude, no problem! In Alta Badia you will find two areas dedicated to smart working.

Natural Smart Working Movimënt


The Movimënt Natural Smart Working areas on the plateau between Piz Sorega and Piz La Ila are real desks located at high altitude.

The workstations, which are equipped with solar panels to recharge your device, are located near the Movimënt children's parks, so you can work having your family nearby. And once you have finished your work, you can leave your laptop at one of the info points at the top of the Piz La Ila or Piz Sorega gondolas, locked in a locker, ready to be retrieved on your return to the valley.

Smart Working La Crusc


In the Smart Working area La Crusc you can combine relaxation and fun with moments dedicated to working.

If you are busy even on holiday, you can take your laptop or tablet with you and, comfortably seated on the giant loungers, answer emails or follow conference calls thanks to the free WIFI connection and USB plug.

And while you work, the kids can amuse themselves in the La Crusc SummerPark with games and fun activities for young and old.