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Movimënt dles ês

A unique experience for nature enthusiasts and nature lovers!


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bees, a place full of discovery and wonder about these important insects. This unique area offers a harmonious combination of playful learning and interactive experiences for visitors of all ages. With the "Movimënt" app, you can join Milly, the tireless worker bee, on a fantastic journey and learn more about the indispensable daily work of bees. An unforgettable and educational experience awaits you in "Movimënt dles ês" - a place of knowledge acquisition, entertainment and appreciation for nature and its fascinating inhabitants. Become familiar with the world of bees and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of their role in our ecosystem and in the protection of our precious environment.

Visit "Movimënt dles ês" at the MMH Movi Family Apart-Hotel and discover the wonders of bees in a unique and engaging way.

For guided tours and local visits, please ask directly at the reception of the MMH Movi Family Apart-Hotel.

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