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Set a goal and give your best to reach it


Climbing is a continuous challenge with yourself, a mix of strength, balance and concentration. It is an intense physical and emotional experience that makes you feel alive. With body and mind in close contact with the rock, in a succession of limits and possibilities, you will discover that you can reach seemingly inaccessible goals thanks to a clear objective and the strength of your legs, arms and head.

Climbing is a metaphor for life: you set a goal and do your best to reach it.

If you want to reach your goal safely and serenely, contact the mountain guides in our valley. They will guide you with an expert hand and tell you about flora and fauna, characters and myths. And because climbers are not born, but rather become them, our guides offer weekly rock climbing courses.

Alta Badia mountain guides

Alta Badia mountain guides
Alta Badia mountain guides

Alta Badia's experienced mountain guides, who have known the area since they were kids, will show you the most iconic places and pass on their passion and respect for the mountains. Read more ...