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Hiking half marathon Tru di Pra

Walking in the midst of the enchanting world of the Dolomites, through the flowery meadows of La Val.

Saturday, 17.06.2023

La Val Wengen im Sommer Estate

What matters for those who participate at the Tru di Pra hiking half marathon in La Val, Alta Badia, which takes place in the heart of the Ladin Dolomites, is not their walking speed, but rather the beauty of the route.

The hiking half marathon Tru di Pra, starting from La Val in Alta Badia, leads the hiker step by step amongst the enchanting colours of the meadows and the "Enrosadira", the magic alpenglow sunset reflected against the walls of the Dolomites.

When you leave the starting point, in the centre of La Val, you fully understand why this location is also known as the country of alpine meadows: green and well-kept meadows as far as the eye can see, natural landscapes which were transformed with care and attention by the intervention of man over the centuries, and all this situated between 1,300 and 2,000 meters above sea level. And the higher you climb, the greater the ever-increasing splendour and variety of the flowers.


Magnificent panoramic viewing points, unique historical monuments, enchanting places to take a souvenir photo, info points, games and fun for young and old, meadows where you can stretch out and relax, mountain streams, sources of crystal clear water, a sulphur spring in Al Bagn, shady woods, expanses of mountain pine, culinary attractions with local products are all the ingredients that make the hiking half marathon a unique experience.

For those who decide to travel only part of the distance on foot (25.8 km plus a few meters), we provide a shuttle service that connects two stages.

The "Tru di pra" hiking trail


From the town centre, follow path no. 6 which leads to the church of Santa Barbara (1509 m).

From here continue on the left and you will arrive at the farm Ciablun (1572 m), Runch (1600 m) and Biei (1613 m). So head towards the woods and continue following signs no. 5 and then no. 5B which leads to Lé de Rit (1865). Follow no. 6 and no. 13 to Crusc da Rit (2027 m).

If you choose the variant for the Pares peak, you need to take the path no. 16.


Go back to the crossroads and continue along the no. 13 through meadows and lilies of the valley. From this point there is the possibility to conquer the Piz de Pares. Start the descent along path no. 13A until after Ciamplorët. From here follow path no. 15B which runs along the Sas dla Crusc / Sasso Croce wall to Santa Croce (2043 m).

Follow path no. 15 for a short distance, continue left on path no. 15A. At the next crossroads, turn right on path no. 18 which crosses the magnificent meadows of Armentara. Continue downhill on the no. 18A through the woods to Al Bagn (1420 m) and on path no. 2 which crosses a small wood and then continues on an asphalted road to the town centre.

Stages of interest


E1 - Ciablun: Panoramic point
E2 – Gran Pizat: Panoramic point
E3 - Ju de Rit: Balance test on the slackline, biotope
E4 - Crusc da Rit: Panoramic point
E5 - Pra de Rit: Souvenir photos to download
E6 - Piza de Pares: Panoramic peak (2396 m) with prize
E7 - Plan Sotsas: Coordination test with the trampoline
E8 - Armentara: Panoramic point, info point in the huts
E9 - Al Bagn: Sulphur source

Recommended equipment


• Solid footwear suitable for outdoor sports
• Backpack with first aid kit
• Adequate clothing and extra change of clothes
• Mobile phone
• Bottle to refill at the refreshment points

What distinguishes the hiking marathon Tru di Pra?

  • Flowery meadows, shady forests and mountain pine fields
  • Info huts in the ancient La Tène style
  • Selected lawns to rest and relax
  • Mountain rivers, refreshing springs and a source of sulfur water in the neighbourhood Al Bagn
  • Refreshment points with local products
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The event has been certified as “Green Event” being organised and realized according to sustainability criteria.
Help us to make a contribution to environmental protection. In order to encourage sustainable mobility, choose environmentally friendly means of transportation, such as public transport.

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What matters for the half marathon Tru di Pra is not the speed, but the beauty of the route along the meadows of Rit and Armentara. Throughout the day you will be able...

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