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Simone Cantafio

Restaurant La Stüa de Michil, Hotel La Perla, Corvara (1 Michelin star)

Simone Cantafio

Simple, essential ingredients are the linchpin of Simone Cantafio's tasty career. And indeed, the journey of the starred chef is peppered with a myriad of ingredients – and yet despite their diversity, they are surprisingly simple in nature. Seasonal and natural ingredients are paired with respect, sensibility, and harmony.

Zen ingredients, so to speak - and how could it be otherwise considering his stay on the Japanese island of Hokkaido managing the 2-stars Toya restaurant owned by the Bras Family.

From the 3rd of December, Chef Simone Cantafio will take over the Michelin starred kitchen at the Hotel La Perla in Corvara.

Spagehtti Cantafio

His creation
Simply delicious... cold spaghetti, creamy mountain pil pil, nitamago trout eggs

Wine pairing
Alto Adige Gewürztraminer

"This dish tells the story of the mountain with wild herbs, Japanese-style marinated trout eggs, and speck oil. Three elements in balance in the iconic Italian spaghetti, a calling card for a journey through colors, flavors, and stories."

The partner mountain hut

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