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The magic of "Enrosadira"

When the sun goes down, the Dolomite mountains glow in warm red tones


A particularly spectacular phenomenon that can be experienced in the Dolomites is the alpenglow, or "Enrosadira" as we call it in our ladin language. At sunset, the Dolomite mountains around Alta Badia are illuminated in brilliant shades of red, from pink to orange and carmine.

The colorful spectacle on the Sas dla Crusc/Santa Croce mountain is particularly popular among locals and visitors alike.

But how does this natural spectacle come about? “Enrosadira” formes when the light hits the Dolomite rock. The composition of the rock, which contains calcium carbonate and magnesium, causes the sun's rays to refract on the rock and give life to the characteristic chart of colours: from red to orange, amber and pink.
The intensity of the colours varies from season to season, even from day to day, depending on the different position of the sun, the presence or absence of clouds and the clarity of the air.