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The labyrinth of Dlijia vedla

La Val

In 2022, on the initiative of the meditation group of La Val, and under the direction of labyrinth expert Gernot Candolini, a labyrinth was built in the centre of the area occupied by the former church of San Genesio. It is a simple Gothic labyrinth, consisting of five paths traced with brook stones. Many things here in Dlijia vedla remind us of the transience of life: the remains walls of the old church, the abandoned cemetery...

Memento mori - Memento vivere!

Everything passes quickly, and the moment never stops. So be ACCORDIOUS and aware, enjoy the view, feel the hope that lurks in life, let yourself be inspired and blessed by goodness and change.

"This place here is a place of power, you must make use of it" Dr. Karl Gruber, Regional Conservator


The labyrinth of Dlijia vedla
Str. San Senese 1
La Val 39030
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