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Hints for holidaying with your dog

A few little tricks make your time away with your dog a success

A holiday in the mountain is relaxing and healthy for everyone. A few practical hints will turn your mountain holiday in our beautiful Dolomite valley into an unforgettable event.

The journey

Do make sure your dog is sufficiently strapped in during the journey. Remember to break the journey every few hours. Your faithful friend needs those breaks to feed and drink and to relieve himself.
Upon arrival at your holiday destination, allow your dog a little rest before you set out to explore the area. He needs to get used to the dry mountain air first.

Dog identification and pet passport

Bring along a valid EU Pet Passport for your dog which lists the required rabies vaccination. Your dog must also have either a tattoo or a microchip so that clear identification can be carried out.

Veterinary assistance

A holiday in the mountains is revitalising and healthy for dogs, too. If, however, your friend requires medical care, there is a qualified veterinary surgeon resident in Alta Badia.

Dr Mulciri Armando
Artisan area Pederoa, 17
39030 La Val
Tel. +39 0471 843218
MON, WED, FRI: 14:30 – 17:00
If you require an appointment outside regular surgery hours, please get in touch with the vet by telephone Tel. +39 335 5433699.

Scoop, leash and muzzle

Did you know? Fresh air and exercise help the digestion! Please deal with your dog poo properly, for if not, cattle and other pets can be infected by parasites.

In all villages in Alta Badia and along the walking routes at the bottom of the valley, dog toilets are available, along with plastic bags.
In summer, you will also find dog toilets along the tracks around the Movimënt Areal on Piz La Ila, Piz Sorega, Pralongiá Plateau.

Muzzle and dog leash are not merely accessories! They are mandatory for your dog to have access to public transport and for you to take him on the lifts. The leash will also stop your little darling from running away and getting lost when running around in the fresh air. The leash must not exceed a length of 1.50 metres.

Dog sitters

If you fancy a longer hike which might be too challenging for your dog, do ask at any tourist office in Alta Badia for a list of dog sitters.

Zones reserved for children

Alta Badia provides a huge number of meadows and paths where your dog can run around and play freely. Please avoid taking him to children’s playgrounds in the six villages and in the area around the Biotope Lake in Corvara.

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