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Badiamusica - Upcycling Music Band

When and where23.07.2024
  • 09:15 PM-10:30 PM

Concert of the Badiamusica Festival with the Upcycling Band consisting of four professional drummers and multi-instrumentalists from the Trentino-South Tyrol region: Mirko Pedrotti, Georg Malfertheiner, Max Castlunger and Manfred Gampenrieder.

All three language groups of the region (German, Italian, Ladin) are represented, they find the best way to communicate through music! In the spirit of sustainability, the percussion virtuosos play exclusively on instruments and sound objects built by Max Castlunger himself from used objects and materials.
A unique sound experience that has a lot to offer not only for the ears but also visually!

Entrance is free.

During the event photos or video footage may be taken for the purpose of documentation and promotion of the event and the region. The footage may be used and published on websites, on social networks and on media in compliance with the data protection regulations.

Service description

Relaxing evening with classical music.


Follow the SS244 Val Badia road towards Badia, continue on the San Linert street until you reach the events hall J.B. Runcher on San Linert street 10.