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Airport shuttle

    When and where31.03.2024
    • 07:20 AM-10:20 AM
    • 01:20 PM-04:20 PM
    Alta Badia

    Travel stress-free with our airport shuttle from Alta Badia to Innsbruck and back.

    Are you planning a flight to or from Alta Badia and want a convenient, safe and reliable way to reach Innsbruck Airport?

    Every weekend, with our airport shuttle service, you can travel in total comfort and avoid the anxiety of traffic and parking.

    Plan your next trip with peace of mind, knowing that you can count on our airport shuttle to get you to Innsbruck Airport or Alta Badia in total relaxation.

    Useful informations / what to bring

    Bring the confirmation of the reservation (also in digital format).

    Refund information

    The refund will be made with a medical certificate or if the event is cancelled by the Alta Badia Tourism Cooperative.

    Service description

    Airport Shuttle Alta Badia - Innsbruck and Innsbruck - Alta Badia.

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